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  1. rant for nothing . u used a mouse for 5 min and ur damning it ! maybe u need to exchange it for a new 1
  2. u have seen many ? i havent seen 1. i must be running in the wrong circles as for the static going out through the ground wire prob but it dosent have to what happens if you touch the computer even if ur grounded that would make it worse. static can build up and when it reaches a certain point it pops and goes where ever it can . lets see some pics of these many pvc cases.
  3. pvc and the moving air from the fans will shock ur computer till it burns up
  4. he came into the chat late last night guys it is a quad but it dosent matter his board isnt gona be any good to him and he needs to get a cooler.
  5. come on coke post the numbers for the push pull already
  6. for sure he means backed up a bit so we can see how it looks all together
  7. my H50 is idle at 29c and full load at 38c after a hour 2 x 110cfm fans @ 4.0Ghz 1.45 vcore no idea what the house temp is , its not cold and its not hot i am sittin at my comp desk in my undees.lol
  8. who knows who is and isnt valid untill bosco chimes in .
  9. its not gm its all of them . there all broke and cutting corrners
  10. thats just crazy talk i say get the most powerful 1 u can afford and a really good cam and make us a movie
  11. thank your lucky stars steam is bunk
  12. not yet but i didnt spend any time in the bois yet, this weekend i will be doing a push we will see then. aiming to knock down smith
  13. after reading this or just seeing the bios thread i just did mine for the hell of it.
  14. oh man dont remind me abotu the desk it was soupost to be a temp till i moved then i ended up signing another 6 months in this death hole . when i move around newyears i will have a new desk i have always had a huge desk this is my first tiny spot. ya those fans are pretty crappy but they did help for the 4.5 push. and then will help again for the 5.0 push.
  15. dont keep me waiting forever
  16. i have never made a budgit rig b4 lol sorry if i cant afford what i want i save up. i dont know what to tell you about the powersupply i have never spent less then $250 on 1. but i am sure whatever you get will be fine . if you cant buy local can you not order online ? i am sure the guys around here can help u build a cheep rig. some times in maxim pc they do cheep build gaming rigs look there for pointers.
  17. never cheep out on the mobo if u r looking to save money stick with the stock cooler untill later , u could also hold off on the ssd unless u need ur games now!
  18. the screens are ok would be nice if i could afford better . ya having it on the other side is turning out great except when i need to use the box for something .
  19. 965 here stable and easy at 20 x 200 why r u setting ur multi so low? i am running 1.45 vcore i had it down to 1.35 but it gave me probs from time to time i could prob run at 1.4 but i dont want the hassle
  20. see post #6 http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=178129
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