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  1. maybe 1 u set up but not a nub . at least a prebuilt is tested . how do u know hes not a really bad builder and it will leak if he moves it or not. i rember beeing a noob and having leaks
  2. if i was in the us i would send u mine i am sure there are tons of upopened 1;s around here
  3. i love her to bits her music her clothes and everything about her style
  4. if u get a system like a h50 or h70 or something similar then u wont have a issue moving it but if u have a custom system u will get leaks if your not careful when you move it . saying the 800d isnt set up for air is a little weird the top and bottom of the case isnt solid its completely open on the bottom and the top has space for 3 120mm fans
  5. yes thanks for the list also thanks for the contest and wow i just barley made it in the top 1/2
  6. welcome to windows lol ya i have always changed that setting myself battery life is alot longer with the lid shut when just playing music.
  7. i have the acer aspire one and i love it so much i almost done use my desk top anymore. i have the D250 more then enough to do most things but its not a gammer that being said i play diablo 2 on it every day at lunch.
  8. i keep my netbook with me at all times $180 and it runs win 7 how r u gona get more apps then a windows pc installed diablo 2 yesterday for lunch at work. holds all of my music games and pics and u can get them with 3g if ur into that kinda thing.
  9. just trying to compensate for my loss . bowing wont be required ouch banned must be my middle name
  10. sorry to break it all to u guys but i am the grand winner , u all lose to me plz bow your heads in my presents
  11. when i did it a while back the only issue i had was with text , it always looked a little crappyer then normal and i am not 100% on this but it might be easyer to burn in a tv i know after long gaming sessions i always had some burns , they went away but u could tell for like a hour or 2 that they were there.
  12. if you constantly have to tell everyone how funny the video is , it might not be that funny .
  13. u gata be able to do better then that i got 20.5k with a PII965 and a 280 gtx
  14. well my advice is if u do really like the case then go for it . i mean it can evolve with ur pc on my last computer it was the part i held onto the longest almost 6 years. it cost me 350 when i got it . thats less then 60 bucks a year or 5 bucks a month . my last $750 video card only lasted me 2-3 years . the case is a place where u can spend money cause it wont become obsolete any time soon , it can last as long as you can handle looking at it . the 800d is so big i cant see anyone running out of space any time soon even with a water set up built inside the case there is just tons of room. and of corse u can juse see the quality when i have it in ur hands.
  15. corsair 800D i love mine and there is 0 cheese on this thing . but its not very portable
  16. yes way over my head no idea hes making fun of anythign or anyone other then himself . but i guess i should have known by the way ...... no it was just dumb
  17. Fatal1ty's name is on so much crap and no one even knows who he is . i feel bad when i see videos like this kids think being as stupid as u can be makes u look cool and cursing and disrespecting your family . u my son are bad butt ! i know hes still a young buck and he has to learn some how but his internet usage needs to be monitored by a adult that video was just dumb
  18. looks like were almost done here i have lost now but its nice knowing i was winning for at least 1 day
  19. i have used pvc to build things in the past . and i only said it could be a problem not that u were doomed for sure. and as far as i could tall 4 of the 5 examples u showed were from the same guy. saying you dont know what ur talking about without leaving a counter point is just argumentative and makes u sound like a jurk.
  20. ya calling something bunk usuly requiers proof. i am not saying its a good mouse but saying it works bad and then saying its just crappy seems like ur not thinking it through. u could have got a bad mouse , the lazer could have been bumped during transport maybe ur mouse serfice sucks , maybe ur used to a ball mouse and u cant handle the speed of a lazer , if it is a lazer mouse. to be honest i dont buy ms mice . anyways hope u get it all sorted out . my advice is spend the money and get a good mouse
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