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  1. i see soo many ppl posting all the time and the chat is dead all day and night other then for the time between work and sleep why dont all u guys stop by and say hi maybe talk about some probs live or just sit around and brag about what u have done
  2. lol sweet thanks i knew someone out there loved me
  3. thats alot of welcome i dont rember being welcomed like that when i joined u guys r being so nice its sexest i mean u dont treat everyone like this what about me !
  4. ya i did it and i had about a 5 degree drop for a few min and it was great but i wont b keeping that up more of a see what i can do kinda hting heres what i got b4 the ice the roof was 3000+ @ [email protected] 40c after the ice it was 2.54 @ 35c and i did use distilled water for the ice
  5. for ur own use learning by doing is better but for a job u will always need that little paper that says u can do it , bottom line no job will belive u can do it unless a school says u can . i learned by doing and i still am but i have no plans of getting a job doing what i like to do for fun
  6. lol thats nuts i cant belive they have somehting like that it must b a joke thats huge
  7. i am gona try it so i wana hear if anyone else has done it or if it has caused any probs
  8. u can get any but the more cooling u want the more noise its gona make if urs is to loud then turn it down its not worth buying a slower fan cause when u want to speed it up u cant so stick with what u have and turn it down to make it quiet it some
  9. 35-45c so far gona see about adding a rad and fan
  10. crazyest thing i have ever seen done by a car company i wana go buy a honda and i am a ford man
  11. and that seems to b the end of that
  12. ur posting everywhere today i keep seeing ur name all over the place good for u but sorry i dont know anyhting about that uv stuff seems a bit tacky to me but who am i , i have a blue neon in my case
  13. ur right the cooler u r the more u should b able to o/c but i think they dont really help that much
  14. w/d 10k drives kik . i have 2 36gigers and i love them
  15. i dont know how it works for everyone else but when i o/c i have to take little steps 2-3 mhz at a time maybe the jump is too much and thats why its not working
  16. chasm98 where r u and tell me what u have done and if u added a rad or anyhting else to make it work better i mean its pretty good right now but i am always up for making it better and do u know where i can get the gpu block i am in canada and its not here yet well thats what my soures told me
  17. there u go its a no brainer leave it on u dont want things growing in there
  18. if u change the mobo and the case u wont have a hp anymore
  19. i still like the cold air return idea i do it for a living u dont have to b directly over where its going the cable will find a way to the basement and from there u can get to the router that way
  20. i am sure ur proc will still b in great working condition long after it has become obslite but i would still say leve it on but only cause i am too lazy to do it and i might forget 1 time then i would b screwed
  21. i just got it a week or so ago and i love it quiet and about a 10c drop in temp i have only heard good things about it but i wana see what everyone else thinks about it , sorry about the bad pic my buddy has my digi cam so i had to use mt webcam
  22. it might just b some chips can and some chips cant kinda thing
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