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  1. no way it works that good i bet if u got it it would b crap i dont think theres any rules on what they put on the box
  2. i put mine under my proccesser and get my temp that way
  3. lol he said so much about the wrong thing . i dont know what the stock setting r on that card i say start doing down till it starts working normaly again , dont expect every time u get a new heatsink or fan for it to work like a charm , and maybe ur old 1 wasnt holding u back but it might b the ram itself not likeing to b o/ced anyways i am just guessing
  4. its warping and i think its the mem how much did u o/c maybe u shoud turn down the mem o/c a little
  5. today i added a rad and i always have a house fan blowing at it and me cause it kinda hot in my house i am steady at 33c with my [email protected]
  6. must b some smart parents to sell somehting they had to pay for and next week when the kid is good or on his next b-day instead og getting the kid a game they will have to buy a new system oh well parents just dont understand
  7. have any pic's of that i would like to see that
  8. lol sounds like fun i have had the same 1 for years i just block someone if i dont want them to see me
  9. i dont get how everyone is staying so cool with that vcore u should b cooking i guess i am the only guy with no a/c i need to go buy 1 soon oh well i will maybe this weekend if i get motavated if ur just watching this post u could always go in the chat or even msn me if u wana talk [email protected]
  10. r u in the basement or somehting i dont think my house is as cold as urs or somehting cause even with ur help ( 8c drop ) i am no ware ur #'s i am still in the mid 30's if i can get to the 20's i will b set and i will post some nice pics maybe on the weekend when i get my cam back if i get it back
  11. how hot r u letting it run i dont like going over 45c cause it becoms unstable
  12. sounds good so what r u gona run it at all the time then u cant keep turning it off every 30 min i am running mine at 2.46 all the time
  13. it all looks good but can u use it i mean if u open somehtign will it crash have u tryed any benchmarks or prime95 i can get mine to that but i dont htink i could run anyhting but good job anyways
  14. did u try lowering ur multiplyer or uping ur vcore at all and about ur ram i say first try where u bought it from and if they wont help then go to the manu i am sure theres a lifetime warrenty on all if not most ram
  15. u can get a new heatsink and fan if u want u just have to clean any of that sticky stuff off b4 u put ur new heatsink on and dont forget some thermal past to make a good connection but of corse if u dont wana risk cleaning ur proc (use alcohol) then try a new fan but if u want better cooling make sure u dont get a slow fan the more cooling u want the faster the fan must move and the louder it will b
  16. try that it will make all the diff try setting ur multi to 10
  17. i dont really know ur mobo but i can say installing my waterblock was easy and i didnt have to move or bend anything. i have a diff mobo and water system then ur looking at but i dont think they would make it that hard to install i was worryed b4 i got mine home too but it all worked out great good luck
  18. u may have just bought urself a card with a bad batch of ram and have no overhead at all so all u can do is cool it as much as u can and keep trying and of corse do a search on the drivers and dont just get the newest 1's find out what ppl r using to o/c theres the farthest and get that driver good luck
  19. thanks but still nothing i have tryed making 6 copys so far using everything from windows cd thingie and nero , so eather i am not doing somehting right or i have wasted like 20 cd's . if anyone has the time to walk me throught it plz msg me on msn [email protected] againg thx for all the help so far and keep it comming i dont wana give up , but i also dont wana keep installing windows over and over again so i am waiting on someone who can walk me through it
  20. ok what the last guy said is exatly what i did to get those results except the butthole part , i just ment is there anyways that i could have gotton those results i got with any of the usult install mistakes i mean i have never heard of df-dos b4 , so i thought someone who knew linux would have heard of it b4 and knew what i did wrong . right away i wasnt trying to b a . just findout if what happend to me had happend to someone else and like i said i am not to sure when i am doing the screen gos by too fast for me to get anymore info but like the guy b4 this post said ,..... !. Check Bios - boot from CD 2. Get Fedora core 2 i386 3. Burn ISO the right way (burn image) this is what i did and the try again part i have tryed a million times i have reinstalled windows a million times cause of dumb mistakes , when trying to install linux so if that info helped plz try to help me out i really wana try linux . i have looked everywhere for help everything is chris-cross theres no 1 place that was easy to use and no straight answer , no video to watch or voice to follow i can use msn voice or teamspeak if someone wants to talk mew through it any help would n much appresataded, thx in advance again
  21. i said i set it to boot from cd and is there nothing u can tell me from what i put up there cause if not i will wait for someone to come here and show me how to do it i dont wana waist anyones time with this or some vauge instructions but thanks for posting
  22. i change it to boot from cd and i restart with the cd in and instead of loading fedora it starts up dr-dos and it gos through a bunch of stuff and ends up giving me these 4 choices /MLX /BL=16 /LEND=ON /DELAY=OFF any help would b great this is my first time dealing with linux i have gotten the same thing with every linux i have tryed to install this is my 4th try with a diff linux so i am hurting big time
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