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  1. isnt the fan on the bottom of ur psu sucking in and blowing out the back ?
  2. lol nice you should take some pics maybe they need to make a contest for cleanest or cluttered cases
  3. here it is i know the top right got a bit more messy but i needed a fan controller cause it was getting out of hand i guess i need to do a little clean up myself lol
  4. ya i guess i never noticed how many more holes i had but i still do remember back in the day having no holes and making it look good. and i guess cutting wires for me might be a little less painful as my psu is modular oh well keep trying
  5. taking away the licenses can back fire on them with enough ppl being kicked off "maybe" someone will make a hacked server and when enough ppl learn about it they will be further up the creek anyways the more games they make that you need a online connection the more problems ppl will be having . I know i wont install steam ever again
  6. put every wire your not using in the back and cut wires to how long you need them kinda like this
  7. the wires could be better take more advantage of the holes but it looks like it has everything it needs to be a great case
  8. make sure the paint also can take some heat the card will be running 60+ most of the time
  9. hey guys just a thought why not unload some the the writers with just testers , not everyone can wright but most ppl can hook up some hardware and take down numbers. feed that info to the writers and then bam a MAYBE faster turn around? or give me a try walking in ur shoes i will give it a go writing a review i only have 1 job and no kids or wife to tell me to cut the lawn lol. anyways just a idea
  10. old ppl vote these ppl in and old ppl could care less about there internet to them its a place where they steal your info and pornographers live. where there is a president who grew up with the internet you might see laws that make sense. i am over 30 so i am prob out of touch just think how out of touch the ppl are who makes the laws
  11. your right i dont know how busy he is who would i ? but i guess now that i know i can cut him some slack. but on the bright side if your all so busy reviewing that means you need some more ppl on your team i am sure it wont be hard to find ppl willing to help. saying pot shots seems like i am being a butt head , have you never read a review you didnt agree with and then comment about it ? i'm just trying to get readership up , that way u guys make more money
  12. hey its been almost a month slapping on another set of fans cant be that hard . i mean it dosent even have to be a offical review just some numbers in a post .
  13. when you tell me what happend with the duel fan h50 i will let you know lol and if a cooler has high temps as a con dont give it a silver
  14. alright bosco u got me on that 1 i hadent read many of the reviews . but oh oh someone did some snooping ok well still not that deep i got bored after looking at the last 12 ya 12 out of that 8 got gold and 4 got silver and on 1 of the reviews, 1 of the cons was and get this from a cooler was "high temps" so its only job was to stay cool and it couldnt do that and it got at least a silver . come on man as far as i can tell from the reviews there are no bad cpu coolers out there , no matter what you buy its worth the money. that cant be true there has to be 1 gold for best all out cooler , 1 gold for quietest but still good temps and 1 more gold for best bang for the buck. 8 golds and 4 silvers just seems like your trying to give good reviews.
  15. what is the liquid being used in the Asetek 570LX ? if i was gona guess i would say water crank it up to 4.0 and forget it, she will hold
  16. this 1 actually makes sense they could be referring to a console in general not knowing witch 1 they wanted more.
  17. a silver for getting beat by just about every single air cooler you have on the board? how do you get a bronze or just get a fail ? dose it need to catch on fire ? when was the last bad review posted on this site ?
  18. tech snobs the lot of u every single 1 of you have thought you knew about something and you have passed it off as fact . someone else on another forum is talking about it right now . losers!
  19. i have only ever owned WD drives and i have never had 1 fail . including my 2 raptors and they were original 36 gigers . now i have 2x 1TB blacks and there in raid0 and running fine. i'm not saying they cant fail , just that they never have before.
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