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  1. why dose everyone assume that if you cheated you learned nothing ? maybe the cheaters went from a B to a A- . And like the other poster said they just needed a extra week to get the material down . why should they have to retake the course cheating is risk taking , everyone dose it . saying you never cheated lied or stole in your life is ridiculous. ya that means all the ppl in here who said that , I'm talking to you. I prob lied 5 times yesterday at least. you never ..... told your woman she looked good when you thought she didnt ? found $20 on the ground and just put it in ur pocket ? recived a 69 on a test and when you were asked you said 70 ? created a resume that said you worked well with others and alone ? and any of the other millions of lies we tell every day
  2. yes I am only good cause of consequences, if not for laws and punishment this world would be a little rougher around the edges. AGAIN I am not saying cheating is good and this doctor example is getting tired but yes I do want the doctor with 0 scruples that got a A+ and will do anything to save me when I am on the table not the guy who tried real hard and got a B-.
  3. no way can your doctor can know everything . if i have to choose i want the doctor who will find the right answer for me not just depend on what he learned 20 years ago . you really want the doctor who just dosent feel right with taking someone elses ideas on how to save you ? also i didnt say anything about wanting everyone to cheat there way through everything . i said create new better, and FASTER ways of coming up with the right answer.
  4. its easy to say "yes" but when we run out of doctors lawyers and garbage men you might sing a new tune.
  5. I am not ok with it at all but better to make them ready for whats out there then to teach them to lose at the hands of men who will do what it takes. dont think cause i am arguing for the cheaters that i like it one bit, but would it be better if the schools produced even more unemployed persons ?
  6. Then what are they there for ? could it be to get them ready for the work world ? if there not ready to lie steal and cheat then there not ready for the work world. and those rules include doing your own research and finding the best way to get the answer.
  7. This is dumb . in the work world the boss dosent care how you got the answer , ur not paid to do your homework , your paid to have the answer. get it however you can and beat the other guy. the only thing this teaches them is that these teachers are petty and dont like that they were beat so easily by so many . if all the answers are posted online and you can remember then long enough to ace the test ur the winner. I would go as far as saying a boss would like it better knowing there employee could find any answer faster then anyone rather then someone who had a bunch memorized but didnt know where to find the rest of the answers as fast.
  8. I say they are both great and you wont see any difference no matter what 1 you use.
  9. i use as5 not cause i think its the best , its what i have in my house. they all work fine , if you want to use as5 i say go ahead and do it . i have NEVER had a issue with my stuff shorting out and i have been using it longer then some ppl on this site have been alive.
  10. you should have just typed i love lcd in caps and saved some time. there worse cause they usually have a glossy screen ? they generally have more inputs ? more sizes ? no i dont want a 50 or a 46 i NEED a 48 or i will lose my mind! so ya if you go out and buy a plasma with all the options you dont like in the wrong size you might like lcd better , buyer beware! lol edit: also you will like lcd's better if you can find a plasma that someone has punched you dont usually see to many lcd's that have been punched ! just another tip to look out for.
  11. i'm thinking 30c should be the norm for idle and 55 should be max @ 4.0 i think my pump runs at 1400rpm
  12. well it means you wouldnt have to buy a new 1 for longer. i guess i never had to deal with asus rma so i had no idea but they have never let me down . other boards have in the past.
  13. asus is the way to go , saying no asus is like cutting off both your legs you can still get around but it wont be easy. whats ur budget
  14. 007 golden eye but thx i am no poet thats fo sho . and snes i guess would be SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System. balls are fully busted
  15. i havent been able to play any fps sence 007 for snes. i just dont try anymore
  16. i just got a zalman fan control but theres no fan speed other then the colour of the lights
  17. it works well for my case , my psu gets fresh air 100% of the time and dosent heat anything else up . of corse this isnt my first build so i knew what i was looking for.
  18. pretty silly of case makers not to put a hole down there if thats where ur gona mount the psu!
  19. i am gona go ahead and say its good , for my money it works well . there are better air coolers but i dont think they will be as cool when they are quiet. also ur not gona hit 4.5Ghz on any air cooler like i did with my H50 and some ice.
  20. when i first started here i was about about the lights and bling but now i guess i just want it to work . looking clean and plane is my thing now i guess. and ya my case is huge but i might have got the wrong case i think i could have gotten away with the D700 i dont have too much use for the swappable hdds or the window but oh well i have it now . i am sure i will end up with a trip rad up top when ever i decide i wana play with water more again . maybe my next build .
  21. i say get the most cpu you can afford and then see what you can do with that you get.
  22. you wont have any issues with D3 but you should look into a ssd hard drive. could also save some cash if you tossed a patch over 1 eye
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