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  1. should b able to run 200x12 easy or 200x12.5
  2. the 1 u see in my pic is a panflow ultra
  3. gona kill all the roumers of the xp-120 not fitting on the neo2 right now i also have a diff hsf on the n/b and ram sinks on just about everything i could think of dont worry about space as u can see from the pic i have aboue a mm at the bottom and about 1/2 a mm between the hsf and the ram , buy the way u can use all the ram slots as long as u install the ram first . and theres about a inch from the rear fans . so u could say it is snug .
  4. this can also happen if ur using a long cable . svideo isnt good over any amount of length
  5. i have the same mobo and a 2600 m i had mine up to 2,63 they r very nice chips
  6. i am useing the 120 on my neo2 with a panflow ultra seems like overkill , together they were $110 cdn
  7. can u guys list ur settings that ur using for 2600 i am stuck at 2500 and i am on water .
  8. well i didnt mean bad i just ment in general with the other new 3200's i want 2700 but 2500 is ok i guess
  9. droped the ram to 166 and got to 260 and i was like woot and then bluescreen . maybe i got a bad chip or somehtign .
  10. well i am using the 1.36 bios and cant go over 1.75
  11. yes i want that bios version too . ya i am using sata on 3 and 4 and agp is at 66
  12. stuck at 250 . ht @3 ram u can see from first post dont know what i am doing wrong bios 1.36 1.55x18% is showing up as 1.75is my mem too tight ? its kingston hyperx 466 . not sure what else to do .
  13. ok i got the 141 mod bios but i cant make it work it installs and lets me see the +18% but i cant use anything over 10% it just resets me back to auto if i do
  14. do u have a link so i and everyone else might find this easyly i have tryed google , but i will try again .
  15. well my board tops out at 1.55 so if anyone knows how to increase this plz tell me .
  16. i dont think its my enermax 480 coolergiant thats the prob i think the mobo shows low volts all over maybe its time for a new bios i have hheard a few ppl say that to me . i dont think i could get a better psu , for the money .
  17. vcores as high as she gos . i wish i had more i would give her more . i have the msi k8n neo2 platinum . only bench i ran was the sisandra cpu and mem the cpu score was like 11k and the mem was just under 8k i think but dont kill me if it was just under 7 it was a wial ago .and 3dmark hasent changed much i was getting around 12k b4 and now i am just a little higher around 12.5k havent tryed 05 yet .
  18. bla bla bla thought u were done with it . io guess thats how it gos , say what u want its a free country as long as u have the power to do the banning , i didnt break any rules . i was baned and i didnt bother with the chat and then it was over so i went in and not untill u saw me did i get banned again . so go nuts bann me i was banned b4 i am sure i will live but u r wrong and u were wrong to get it done the first time too .
  19. hey guys thought i was back but i guess not i was banned a wial back for being a . and i thought the ban was over seeing is that i can post and whatnot but i went into the chat and kalu saw me and was quick to ban me again i guess it must b nice to have the power to kik ppl on ur currentt mood . anyways just wanted everyone to know i tryed to come back and b a part of the comunity again but it seems maybe that wont b happening . oh ya i guess wial i still can i got a mobie 2600 and had it up to 2.63 woot .
  20. ur not screwed just get a app called getdataback or something like that i used it b4 and i got every last thing back
  21. ok ok i had to come back for this 1 dude no one buys somehting with out thinking about the future but anyways i would go woth the 939 anyways i think ur mobo shoud b on ur mind more if ur getting 1 of those chips theres where u will see the most diff
  22. why would i not get mad if i am wrongly accused that just dosent make sence . if he just thought it and never told anyone i couldnt get mad but hes saying it to everyone . of course i am mad . to me what he is saying is serious . overclocker , u being offended is a joke u r a lier and u should b thrown out of here . i dont know why u keep bothering me i am just waiting to here what d3 has to say about all this .
  23. u r a lier friendly joking , nothign more just like i do with everyone else . u r not a moral person .
  24. see that is just rediculas . i didnt hit on the girl , and how can u htink its alright to call me that if i really was what u say then i would expect to b charged . u r calling me a criminal , and i am not . i hope u get banned for the things u r saying .
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