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  1. kurosen why did u say its not ball who said it was ? , and the lazer dose make a diff not only on the serfices u can use it on any ways i wonder how everyone knows that 1 is better then the other i dont imagin that everyone is going out and buying both . i mean my last mouse was a logitech optical with a led and theres a huge diff . with this mouse theres no drift at all where u put the mouse thats where it gos or at least thats what i have found . i am calling drift the feeling of not being about to get the mouse in the exact place u want very easly cause the mouse feels loose . this mouse feels very tight and to the point . its not like i am selling them so think what u want but at least try the lazer mouse and u will see the diff , i think everyone would b suprized
  2. its not all about the dpi the lazer is more precise then the usual red led not saying it totaly dosent matter but the lazer is the thing that makes it work better and i love mine for gaming the mx1000 that is
  3. my temps r dissapointing i did better with my resarator but then again i am going by the mobo right now i am hovering around 46-47 @2.5 and with water i was at 42-43 . i have to try a temp prob to get the real temps and those temps r at 1.45 vcore
  4. nice quote , havent heard that 1 in a wial but its 1 of my fav's
  5. well of corse pick what team ur on then get the best mobo for that team that u can afford . right now if u want a amd thats very o/c friendly u can do what 1/2 of the ppl here have done and get a k8n neo2 platinum and a 939 3200 winie . i think there 2.0 stock and everyone i think has gotten to 2.5 on air very easy . and some to 2.7
  6. ur mobo is more important then ur proc , ram , or any other parts its ur base dont skimp there
  7. who knows why theyre not getting it to work it was easy except for the last clip , the clips r under the fins
  8. usless was to strong i just ment a gt can do about the same job for usuly $200 less . but if u have the movy to wast then go nuts i have had 2 gts and both went to ultra speed i think most gt's will do 420 /1150 and all will do 400/1100 , but then again i have not owned all , just bfg and leadtek
  9. u wont b doing to much with a hair dryer
  10. from the time i get in the house after work till i fall asleep . its how i comunicate , entertain , and learn . its my phone , vcr, and knoledge base . if i am not banging away at the keys i am with the woman . if it wasnt for the computer i would go nuts . b4 i was a geek i was a jock , at my age there isnt to many football games going on and no one wants to go race bikes . so i o/c and install windows over and over hopeing for 1 more mhz
  11. i always thought that card was usless i got my bfg 6800 gt to 420/1200 but i only run it at 400/1100
  12. u using a router or anyhitng or maybe u just have a virous
  13. i have the resarator and it works fine for o/cing but it is a peice of art as much as a cooling device its huge and sits outside ur case . i dont know why ppl keep saying its not good for o/cing i had a 2600 m @ 2.63 with it and a 939 3200 @ 2.5 . its a great cooler as long as u want somehting to look at and u never want to move ur computer . there r better ways to cool ur proc but none look as good . as for o/cing with it , unless u have tryed then u dont know .
  14. sorry , sometimes i dont think the 1 that came with the hsf
  15. ya not having a grill on my panie ultra concerns me already i cant imagin sticking a finger into a fan pushing 190
  16. ya sweet i am a dumb butt i have a d-link 604 i set it up b4 and now its not wanting to work there all attached with patch cables. ok guys i fixed it , it was my net phone in the way it was blocking the other computer from seeing mine and vice versa
  17. ok 1 comp xp pro and the other xp pro media center edition . both have sp2 , i ran the network wizard on both and they dont see eachother . and clue to what i am doing wrong or not doing ?
  18. u wont b using a higher multi cause 10 is it with that combo , but u can just use the divider to get past it
  19. there was no reason for u guys to post that now i wana try 1 out
  20. that is a ok mouse as ling as u dont mind being tied down i prefer the freedom of my mx1000
  21. ya u will have to put ur mem where it wants to go depending on ur ram i was using hyperx 3700 when i was doing 200x12.5 it was running at 2.5-3-3-7 if it really is a mobil it will do 2200 at stock vcore well at least min did that was 200 x 11 i never had my fsb lower then 200 as soon as it was installed it was at 200 also theres a newer bios then 1006 i forgot to ask if it was rev 2 thats what i had so if u have rev 1 it might b diff sorry
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