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  1. u seem so mixed up u ask about the best parts then talk about a crappy video card if u mate a 64 meg card with a neo2 and a fx-55 what kinda computer r u trying to make ?
  2. i would still check if i killed 1 mobo i would b concerned and u killed 3 u said thats nuts .
  3. i said it b4 everything needs power , dont u have a extra psu laying around . and if not just try unpluging some stuff and going from there probubly isnt the psu but why not give it a shot . if ur frying so many mobos i would even think that points to the psu even more check it out dude
  4. lets just hope those cards r better then 1 6800 gt or that they can even o/c at all
  5. ever heard og goasting ? its when ur playing a game and u see trails and blurryness i dont think u will feel too rich when ur playing a game and u cant see whats going on cause u got a bad moniter but they do look impressive when ur not playing games . anyways its just my personal prefrance u might get a lcd and never notice anyways . i have spent alot on moniters over they years but i never got my self to get a lcd , but i have used them alot at friends houses and in stores
  6. check in ur bios if the usb is turned on or disabled
  7. i dont think ppl will buy them till we see a proformance boost or all the high end mobos only suport them
  8. i agree alot of ppl have just spend 500-700 on agp cards i dont think they will go anywhere too fast
  9. i have never seen a lcd worth buying if u plan on gaming . i mean there r the super expencive 1's that say there good but just about any crt can do a better job unless space is a issue
  10. i thought intel scraped its plans for a 4 gig proc in cange for a duel core proc , but i could b wrong
  11. why abuse ? why dont u take it as a compliment ? and i asked if u lived in amarica because ur telling ppl to stay out of ur coultur what makes its more urs then his dose anyone really know there whole background . who knows maybe he has some asian blood in him too maybe we all do . i just think its rude for someone to say stay out of there culture especialy from someone who is so into the other persons i mean he didnt say anything to u for wrighting in english did he ? sorry for the rant but i really dislike rasists
  12. k1e1v1i1n


    i cant get media center edition to work with out it , but other then that i hate it . i like to controle my own computer thx
  13. 2.6 on stock cooling is very nice , i am 1 of those ppl stuck at 2.5 and i have tryed everythign water , xp-120 and i cant get it that high still no matter at what vcore i try everythign from 1.35-1.75 also prime stable not many ppl can get it prime stable even at stock , thats very impressive . and the 400/1200 on the gt is great too i only run mine at 400/1100 but its been up to 420/1200 but not for any amount of time and that was water cooled too . sounds like u got really lucky on all ur parts .
  14. about my temps with the xp-120 , i am very suprized to say i installed a temp probe now but it was a huge pain , i m bleeding right now putting it on is kinda hard taking it off is impossable , well almost anyways wial my mobo reads the temp as 45c the probe is saying 28c. i know thats a huge gap but i dont know what to say , maybe the probe is broken but i dont think so its very cool in my house . now that i look at speedfan more and more temp 1 is the same as the temp probe is reading so i am not sure witch is witch anymore . heres a pic of speedfan and the probe is saying 28c at the same time so if u can figure it out go nuts .
  15. what the hell dose that mean ? dont u live in amarica?
  16. i heard the more mem u have i mean sticks not size the slower the test will b , but who knows maybe i heard wrong
  17. u have to make a linux compatable partition and a windows compatable partion and then install them both dont know about games working on there i think most computer parts work with linux the best linux i have used is knopex but i am sure just about no one else will agree cause thats just a version that runs off a cd . i could never get linux to work they way i wanted it to for me . i have tryed a million diff versions and i did have it installed with windows at 1 time but i didnt ever use it so i got rid of it i dont rember witch u have to install first but i do rember it being involving good luck
  18. ya a 6800 and a 6800gt r 2 very diff cards and theres no way a 6800 o/c's to gt speeds at least on the mem but mines at 420 i didnt think a 6800 could go that high ?
  19. its a shame theres so many bad ppl in this world were we cant trust each other to make such a small transaction with out all this halabaloo . its too bad about so many ppl getting ripped off all the time online
  20. u know crappy psus sometimes can do this too . or a bad mobo . but always i would blame the psu giving bad volts to the mobo and hdd's can make a computer go nuts . not saying i am right but it could b
  21. maybe u shoud pic up some mags and read up on this u shoulddnt jump into somehting ur not ready for . 64 megs on a video card seems kinda small nowadays but if thats what u can afford . i am running a 3200 winnie , neo2 , 1 gig of hyperx 3700 , s/b autigy platinum , bfg 6800gt , xp-120 , enermax coolergiant 480 , a pair of raptors and a 200 gig w/d for storage . but thats just me . everyone here trys to b as diff as they can and do the most with what u got . if someone here just tells u everything to buy u wont have the same feeling of accomplishment as if u go out and check reviews and make ur own opinion and stumble through it at first just about everyone here did . and i htink were all the better for it . but of corse get help so u dont waste too much money . well thats my 2 cents good luck . and i have no idea what all my stuff cost i am afrade to think about it
  22. i have a mustang abour 8-10 inches across on my back between my sholder blades
  23. i own 1 but its not a lefty here if u wana see why i thik the mx1000 is better check this out i really dont think dpi is everythign if ur looking through a clouded lens http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products...CA/EN,CRID=2090
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