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  1. i wonder why some ppl can run prime and some ppl cant . i mean i cant even run it stock and then u have ppl running it o/ced
  2. i have been looking at ur pic a bit more and it looks like to me that ur ram is not in the right way . should b in the 2 closests spots to the cpu not spaced out like they r . i guess unless u want them running in single channle mode
  3. i still think if u leave the wires like that ur blocking some air if u moved them u might get a bit better temp still
  4. ur never maxed out have u thought of phase change ? thats my next step
  5. i got hacked a wial back and they canged everythign in mine i couldnt get anyhting to work i had to reset my 604 and set up a new password and start from scratch
  6. is there such a thing of a 939 3200 newcastle . i guess i was assumeing he has a 939
  7. u following all the rules ? no sata on 1 and 2 . dont use core ceter . turn off all the auto o/cing stuff . thats all i can thing of right now . just about any cooling will get u 250x10 even at 1.5vcore
  8. mine is on the bottom of the heatsink just above the proc i didnt want a space between the proc and the heatsink but its still touching both but only slightly the proc
  9. i have the same prob 28 on the probe and 40 on core center
  10. its hard to tell anything cause the pics r so huge , but it dose look right from what i can see
  11. Jubblies on a case is a definite plus. first time in a long time i have heard them called that extra points for jubblies
  12. yo harry potter rules i dont know what u guys r saying
  13. i think cases r the 1 thing u shoudnt ask help for u have to look at it every day and if u dont like it u will b reminded about it every day . i say go window shoping and see what u like
  14. raptors r only good in pairs , and the video card i heard that asus is the most expencive of the bunch , have u looked at other brands
  15. u guys turned my comp into a mac what the hell the little bule apple and all
  16. never seen a comp with a o/cing knob b4 dude that looks shifty
  17. i cant say for sure but i am looking at a pic and it looks like it had caps just above the proc so i would have to say no it has a base that i have to install and i htink they would b in the way
  18. i feel like were all a part of some guys science project wheres the cheese at the end of this maze ?
  19. all this talk of accedents i hope we dont jinx anyone b careful everyone . fangrills r for girls or ppl with kids around (dont wana piss of nuc ) . anyone know were i can get a phase change pretty cheep
  20. just wait till u have to take it off for something
  21. what the hell when did gforce start sucking i thought they made the fastest cards on the planet i guess i will have to throw out my 6800 gt
  22. i am a w/d guy i have 2 raptors and a 200 gig ide for storage , and a 20 for backup and i have never had a prob with any of them i even owned a 80 that i sold a wial ago as a part of a comp deal
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