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  1. black sheep - this or that biz marky - just a friend mary j - real love love and laughter - i surrender fat boys - any song ed-og and the bulldogs - bug-a-boo will smith - summer time heavy d - any song rob base - it takes two and on and on and on ...............
  2. anyone else notice who was the oldest there on the b-day list . she must feel super old having out there like that , lol just jokin happy b-day to all u guys and girl
  3. i cant see anyone thinking that would b a good idea that kinda thing could break wires but if it worked then it worked . i would b conflicted doing it outside u might blow a part off and never find it , doing it inside that just sounds nuts
  4. ya u dont need a matched set to run it in dual mode . its soupost to work better if there matched but u can still do it with whatever ram u have . its at least worth a try
  5. didnt wana make this about the neo2 but there is no caps in the way at all nothing is bent over maybe on a early version of the mobo there was but theres nothign there now .
  6. its not just that . oh well i guess its my gripe , i mean its ok to give a opinion or whatever but to tell someone that somehtign is no good or that it dosent work and u havent personaly tryed it . what is that all about
  7. i cant get that link to work is it just me or is anyone else having probs with it ?
  8. r u guys saying u dont want ppl to ask here is it more lazy to type it in here rather then to type it into google ? i am just messing with u roadkill but its true we should support the new guys instead of telling them to go google somehtign everyone knows that sometimes google is overwelming in the results and finding a straight answer can take forever sometimes
  9. dose anyone else feel like theres been alot of post were ppl r just reading somehting somewhere and taking it for the truth. and then spouting it here like they know what there talking about . example the xp-120 wont fit on a neo2 .
  10. i guess were not really talking about o/cing . i guess someone htinks that that card sucks what do u htink sence u own it ?
  11. i guess i feel jiped i cant get past 2.5 stabe then i see ur 2.7 and it makes me think its time for phase change . i have tryed water on this chip and its currently using a xp-120 with a panie ultra . but ya anyways this is the best board out there even my crappy o/c of 25% is great
  12. u guys cant say the name of the other place ? the more ppl the merryer i always say i like the forums moving fast
  13. well i only owned a 5700 so i cant speak for the rest i just rember my 5700 ocing like mad 160 core and 100 mem it was nuts
  14. u skip 5700 on purpos ? i dont know they worked good u cant take a card not o/cing as it isnt any good . they make the cards to do what they should not more . any extra is just a bonis
  15. where did u hear that nividia wasnt strict ? that would b nuts if they let anythign go out the door that wasnt a great product.
  16. sorry dude i never heard of that board b4 but like i said i am not a intel guy so i guess thats maybe why
  17. dont shop at best buy sorry . why dont u tell us how much u wana spend and we can point u in the right direction if u wana spend some money most ppl around here r starting to see that amd is the way to go alot of ppl have switched from intel to amd in the past few months
  18. i am not a intel guy i dont know what wouldb a good starter board if u wanted to go that way . where r u from canada , usa , somewhere else ?
  19. no no but u will have to buy somehtign a new processer=proc or a new motherboard=mobo , or maybe just a video card to start . not all 3 but 1 of the above witch every u wana try first
  20. dont see any way to o/c that comp at this time maybe if u had a few dollors u could break in to o/cing sorry and welcome to occ and where r u from
  21. theres no compition there of corse the 6800gt should b like twice as fast sorry i read 6800 gt and got all excited i am not sure about the 6600gt sorry
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