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  1. well my advice is if u do really like the case then go for it . i mean it can evolve with ur pc on my last computer it was the part i held onto the longest almost 6 years. it cost me 350 when i got it . thats less then 60 bucks a year or 5 bucks a month . my last $750 video card only lasted me 2-3 years . the case is a place where u can spend money cause it wont become obsolete any time soon , it can last as long as you can handle looking at it .


    the 800d is so big i cant see anyone running out of space any time soon even with a water set up built inside the case there is just tons of room. and of corse u can juse see the quality when i have it in ur hands.

  2. Fatal1ty's name is on so much crap and no one even knows who he is . i feel bad when i see videos like this kids think being as stupid as u can be makes u look cool and cursing and disrespecting your family . u my son are bad butt !


    i know hes still a young buck and he has to learn some how but his internet usage needs to be monitored by a adult that video was just dumb

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  3. ya calling something bunk usuly requiers proof. i am not saying its a good mouse but saying it works bad and then saying its just crappy seems like ur not thinking it through. u could have got a bad mouse , the lazer could have been bumped during transport maybe ur mouse serfice sucks , maybe ur used to a ball mouse and u cant handle the speed of a lazer , if it is a lazer mouse. to be honest i dont buy ms mice . anyways hope u get it all sorted out . my advice is spend the money and get a good mouse