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  1. you overclock and she has boobs, easy win
  2. could be good for ppl who might just wana walk by to take something . i am sure thats what this is aimed at but stoping a theif who has 15 min to work on it. i mean with 15 min why not just take the whole thing.
  3. i never had any issues with mine but i also wouldnt reccomend them to anyone there are so many good caes out there to choose from
  4. every time theres something new ppl make it out to be super amazing. 1 review said he droped 30c by switching . WOW! if it really matters about 1-2c then lap ur stuff
  5. i think the ppl with the highest oc's are putting the least thought into tim and the ppl with the lowest ocs think about tim night and day. 4.531 on AS5 all 4 cores
  6. they must have them in the us there all over here in canada . are you looking at the amd version? 4225 video card 250 gig hdd ? maybe u could order from canada if you cant find it in the U.S. this thing is perfict in my bedroom at night for movies and surfing. i even tossed a few games on here diablo 2 supreme commander gona try a racing game soon.maybe need for speed. I can watch 1080p videos on youtube but bluerays seem too much for this little guy.
  7. i just got a new aspire one 721 full size keyboard 11.6 screen hdmi out for 300 cdn.
  8. supreme commander forged alliance uses 2 screens .best strat game ever
  9. i wonder why ur not hitting 220-230 like me i cant see any reason mine would be faster but still 200 is better then 120 good job. i guess theres not much help here as there are so many choices and no one has the zalman stuff yet.
  10. i'm using a nvidia chipset. intel dosent play nice with amd lol. i'm thinking it isnt your chipset as much as how you set it up but i could be wrong but now that i have tested mine i want it to do better. i should have got the revo card.
  11. I jusst tested mine I was around 220-230ish 120 means u need to fix something. I only hAVE 1 X 64 GIG
  12. I needed a noob lookin name for all the games i played and it stuck most call me K1. I prob started it 90-93 ish I dont like changing my name as theres so much history now on google.
  13. every singer has songs they think are not good enough to release or have some personal reason for not letting go of . these songs make the ppl who inherit them money so they get released its simple.
  14. is it like mercs? I ruled that game
  15. ya it cant possibly be as good as the original so lets just skip watching it and call it crap . but hey no name calling. of coarse it wont be the same show , there will be different opinions, cars, driving styles and who knows what else. its not like its a bunch of unknowns who dont know what there doing. you would thing if you loved something you might have a interest what someone else could do with it. or not why even stop to comment that you wont watch it cause the other is so good ? thats the main driving force for me to watch it.
  16. to early to tell and too many dumb arses judging by a trailer saying they wont watch it .
  17. just gona put this out there I never run 1 ever I also dont use a firewall .i'm behind a router and i am sure most are but i would rather do a clean install every year then deal with those things.now i dont have to do a install every year that was just a guess but i have been on the interwebs as long as its been around so i guess i know where its safe to go and how to stay out of trouble. also they always seem to scan my system when i am trying to use it . i have odd hours. and firewalls slow you down.
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