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  1. u guys r way too clean dont u guys have any pis of ur comps in there full glory heres mine sorry about the pic i am a little shaky from the fumes
  2. i was wondering if someone could change the rules so my 1000 points would b worth the same as some one who has more points then me , thay have a advantage over me already by having more ballote in the hat and now i see that if i get picked first and someone who has more points then me gets picked last they still win i dont know if everyone read the rules or maybe i'm wrong but i think everyones 1000 points should have the same chance of winning
  3. 14710 thats all i got so far on a asus a7n8x delux 3000+ 512 pc2700 ddr 4600ti i was o/c only a little for my first runs its still too hot in my house i am running at 13 x and 178 fsb if i rember correct and the video card was at 315/715 so i have alot of room to go higher when my house cools off Edit::hi all 14710 4600 ti amd 3000+ a7n8x some ram and a little tweeking a million trys and alot of trying to keep it cool and getting shut down but all air cooled if anyone has gottin a 4600 higer then tell me how cause i think i have hit the wall
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