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  1. #5 like i said i dont knwo what games u played first so i wouldnt know unless u just wana stick anythign up there . i would only put something on there that i liked . like i said my choice would b somehtign like civ or maybe diablo , but thats been done soo much . what about like astroids or somethign pac man , pit fall . i dont know
  2. my woman went to party with her sister and i stayed home and watched the dead forums
  3. fps's have been done too much . at least thats my opinion . i dont knwo what kinda games u started playing but if it were mine and i was gona do it , i might put some civ logo on it that was my first comp game . and just cause its retro dosent mean it wont look cool even next to brand new hardware .
  4. have u checked against other 9600xt's with procs ur speed . i think that would b the best way to tell . but that dose seem like some old ram
  5. why not a retro game that it can play , that could b cool and i am sure u could find a game that it could play that has a cool logo .
  6. dont know what all u guys r talking about there hot .
  7. sorry i guess us retail i am in canada and i am in Zul'Jin and my name is kevinjr sorry too many places to look in the fourms i guess its ware it should b now thx
  8. panflow ultra or any panflow mines at 31c idle
  9. fantastic find , i can only wonder what kinda sits u hang at . amazing
  10. the diff i got between air (xp-120) and water (resarator) was very small like 2-3 c and some ppl r gona say the resarator sucks but it dosent it ran cooler then alot of these guys water setups high 20's for this 3200 of mine and now with the 120 i am just breaking into the 30's all idle of corse but its cold in my house being winder and all and on the top floor of a 23 story building . the phase change will b the biggest diff for the money . just think of it this way u spend 200 on water or 400 on phase change . the water might not help u at all where as the phase change will for sure . if u can afford it i would say go for it . only thing i am not sure about is leaving it running all the time compared to a water set up .
  11. i dont get to play much during the week . but when the weekend comes i can put in a good 24-36 hours . if anyone would like to join me i would b happy for the company as i dont know anyone in the game and i am lvl 13 . not as many ppl talking in this game as i thought i only see a few little groups from time to time most ppl r alone . anyways i would like to play on a team or gang or whatever .
  12. didnt even see that ya i was goign to say it was good but seeing that u have a 3000 why bother unless u need another comp . or just want another . i used to think that amd's names went with intel cpus but now theres like a million amd 3000+'s so who knows how it works now . i dont think theres too many ppl who could really explain why there would b more then 1 proc with the same name .
  13. jumping from air to phase change isnt that much more money i mean if u find a good deal online i have spend way over 500 now on cooling cpu's and i am done with 1/2 assing it i am getting a phase change as soon as i get paid next . i am gona spend like 400 cdn for a mach1 . new there around 750 + 15% tax . at least thats what they cost up here in canada where i live
  14. i say do it . i am sure this kinda thing happens all the time 2 ppl like eachother then u find out u 2 have cousins married or a aunt or unlce its no big deal no blood between the 2 of u . go nuts
  15. i agree the less u see of the light the better it will look u wana see the guys not the lights . unless u like the pretty lights and u wana see them and not the insides .
  16. i htink unless the chunkie look is what ur going for most ppl would agree that that looks pretty bad . they look like that were made to last kinda industrial . not like somehting sleek and sexy for inside a case . but thats my 2 cents
  17. i htink ur 1 of the lucky 1's most everyone i talk to get 2.5 on air and water . i guess unless ur just a better o/cer then me and the ppl i have been talking to 2.6-2.7 isnt the normal o/c 2.5 i would say is more avrage .
  18. how r they better cause this time u found 1's that work for ur game ? there all together bad . most dont work for all the cards they say there for and others just crap out in games alltogether . i know i have only owned 3 nvidia cards and 2 nforce mobo's but i am telling u ati's drivers r no good at all . i have owned a ati 4 meg , 8 meg , 32 meg rage 3d , 7500 aiw , and then a 9700 pro . i htink i know what i am talking about . my buddy right now has a 8500 pro and a 9600 xt . i see them every day they make bad drivers and the coustomer servis sucks . oh ya and xfx isnt nvidia . i am sure nvidia dosent controle all the companys that use there chipsets . same as ati
  19. by proper do u mean spinning i dont see what u did diff then anyone else ?
  20. dude thats horrable sorry about ur luck this needs to b seen by everyone so no one else buys this crap man thats bad sorry about ur luck . take it back ?
  21. better what support ? r ppl really doing drugs here . i am really not trying to b a flamer but where did u get this info . everyone and there aunt sally has had a prob with ati drivers at 1 time or another . infact drivers r the main reason i am a nvidia user . and when i called them to tell them i had a driver issue they told me too bed i would have to wait . i called back and back and got the same response . i know u must b thinking i had some old peice of crap that wasnt worth supporting , but no i had the flagship 9700 pro the first day it was avalible to me . and i am not some guy off in china . i live down the street from ati's headquarters . i had a a7v8x mobo and it wasnt supported at all . when they came out it was intel or nothing . so again where did u ever hear that they have good drivers or that they were a good company?
  22. for the 64's i dont really think it helps that much but for older xps it was great i can o/c the same with air and water . but dont let what i say b the deciding factor everyone shoud try water . maybe ur money would b better spent on a phase change system
  23. my buddy had a neo2 and couldnt get pasy 250 then he got the asus and now hes running at 300 with a 3500 of corse . is he just lucky or what . i dont htink the asus is as bad as everyones saying it to b . but i dont own 1 so i dont know for sure maybe he was just lucky
  24. hes to young to really know "momma said knock out"
  25. heres what i used its called a titan i am sure its some crappy brand but it worked but it was super tight
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