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  1. Whenever I plug my video card into DVI on my Hyundai Imagequest Q90u the dispay keeps on resetting and twitching for about 10 min as it slowly progresses to stop. What is this? I know it's the video card but how can I fix this?
  2. i dont like how american car manufacturers have to use such big motors to get alot of horsepower, an example is a 6.1 in a charger (im not sure on the hp, i tihnk its somewhere around 400-500) but you could achieve the same on a much smaller engine with a turbo. Even with a turbo, i still think a i6 would get better gas mileage. I think its stupid that american car manufacturers are still trying to make muscle cars, the 70s are gone, muscle cars are slow and heavy and drink gas lets move on. The imports are alot smarter, a mr2 with a turbo can be faster than all these camaros and chargers with a tubro, using a 4 cly. engine. I also like subaru, those cars are bad ***, the all wheel drive thing is killer. Theres alot of other cars i like, i just cant think of them right now, but the main thing is these camaros and chargers are stupid, along with hummer too even though thats not a sports car i had to include it since its probably the worst idea yet.
  3. When i look at my crt monitor with my camera phone i can see it flickering, is this the flashing that the crt uses to display the images? Im guessing the camera on the phone and other digital cameras dont refresh fast enough so i kind of slows it down right?
  4. $200, it might need a new motor, i dont think it works. dont know mileage. but its $200 and i can swap in a new motor
  5. i think im going to buy this cherokee on friday: tell me what you think
  6. i have a DSL connection, ISP is sbc yahoo. My moms computer is the one connected to the router, and mine is using a 11mbps linksys wireless card. 11 mbps is enough right? i think my connection is 2mbps so a card that goes up to 11 should be fine correct? or should i use a 52mbps? also is there any way to make my computer have higher priority than my moms?
  7. does anybody know how to limit the bandwith of a computer? I need to put a limit on my moms computer so when my sister uses it it wont use up all the bandwith in our connection. my friend says i can just put the limit on mozilla firefox, but i couldnt find the settings for it.
  8. anyone on here have a 1988 ranger or similar? im thinking about buying one for $500. i called the lady and she said theres something wrong with the transmission. she said the "stick thing" since its a manual, i asked her if she meant the clutch and she said yeah i think thats it. i figured so,syncros dont go out very often do they? everything else works even the a/c. the tags are good until april next year, so it hasnt been broken too long. they said it had the oil changed and a tune up 2 months ago. im going to call her again this afternoon, since its about midnight right now. and ask her to send me some pictures so i can see if its 4wd or not. Im just wondering if anyone has ever had one or knows if they are good cars or not. or just your opinion on wether or not i should buy it. thanks
  9. i saw a 572ci motor today... the block was huge, it had a super charger on it too. on the stand, it was taller than me. they said it was going in a boat, i can only imagine how crazy thats going to be. i drove my cart today too, its going alot faster than before. the sprocket works great. i just got done changing the oil, my friend and i are going to go to a field in it tomorrow. i think its pushing about 40-45 mph now.
  10. yeah im already working on cars, my friend and i are changing out his slip yolk, and putting in a SYE. im just doing this for fun and the h*** of it.
  11. just got my sprocket in today, i installed it but i have to wait until tomorrow to put the chain on. my garage door broke too so i dont know how im going to get it out....
  12. i have a side-draft carb. you say that my mixture is too lean and thats why the power is dropping and its stalling? so i need to get a bigger fuel jet? i thought it was because it was going past peak power and then the governor stoped it from going higher, because i didnt really take the governor completely off. ill check the spark plug too. my friend says if i get a hot spark plug it will get more power
  13. i loosened the governor screw on mine, not all the way though, i was afraid i would throw the rod. I dont know if its hitting the rev limit again or if its reaching max power, because if i leave my foot on the gas all the way, i can feel the power drop out and it kind of stalls for a second and backfires before it revs back up. i think its getting somewhere around 4000-5000 rpm, im not really sure. i need to know the rev limit on my engine and what rpm im getting for sure though. so i dont really want to take out the governor screw any more because i dont really want to rebuild it, but it might be fun to do over christmas break. except im trying to save money for my car im getting in the spring... the higher compression sounds like a good idea, i always wanted to put a small turbo on it, but i figured it would be kind of useless without a tranny. ive thought of fabbing my own air intake... when you talk about tuning the carb you mean the mixture right? or are you talking about the jet? i forgot, one thing i could do is make the mixture a little more lean, its at about max rich right now, explains all the back firing...
  14. i think my psu is about to bite the dust, its a peice of **** anyways. i have to push the power button about 3-10 times before it starts, or maybe the wire is loose, i should probably check it.
  15. thank god for fuses, i thought i broke my 23 year-old receiver. I was playing thx-worlds deepest bass, and it stopped putting out sound, i think its cause i have a 600watt car sub hooked up to it right now. but anyways there were 3 fuses on the back and i changed those and it still didnt work, so i opened it and luckily there were 3 more hidden in the back under some wiring, i think they were original since they were covered in dust, and one of those was broken, replaced it and now it works again. so im in a good mood
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