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  1. Hi all. I've just joined because I have found this thread and would like to register the SLI related fault i am experiencing. I am experiencing stability issues since havng SLI set up. PC Crashes and screen goes black with monitor light on orange. I do not get any looping sound. This only occurs ingame. Both of my cards hav ebeen tested with hours of gameplay single setup without any problems, cpu and memory have been tested with memtest, superpi, prime95, and occt using the guide in the forums here. i can guarantee my system's stability to be 100% only when on single card set up. i hope a fix is available soon as i miss the stability of single card set up however i wont miss the performance comparison compared to sli. thank you edit: so far it has occured in quake4, nfsmw, and 3dmark05. happens either within a few minutes or a couple of hours