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  1. Thanks. Looks like it will do the trick. I need to buy a new multimeter tho so i am gona have to book mark it .
  2. Looking to figure out how to measure the real v-core and real v-dimm on my DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-d nforce4 motherboard using a multimeter? If anyone knows it would help me a lot.
  3. The 7700 just doesn't cut the heat output of a dual core cpu, although it would work great with a single core opty. Opterons love water and you will unlock its potential if you give her some voltage.
  4. The zalman vf-700cu will be a good choice for the 7600gt and also may work with another video card in the future if you upgrade to another 7 series card or similar. Also the Thermalright Ultra-120 is a fantastic heatsink, and lapping it will make it a very good overclocking partner. Although i would recommend all the way up to about 80 cfm for better performance as you are buying a fan controller you may pick a higher rated fan so you can turn it down.
  5. Zonealarm free is one of the best free firewalls you can ever download.
  6. Since the patch the game is one of the best beta games i have ever seen, and it will only get better from here i hope.
  7. Might be approaching the FSB limit on that board... Or is it good for it, maybe chipset voltage.
  8. Yes i say 65C max load is a safe limit and right under 60C is tolerable, but its still a warm temp to be sitting at.
  9. I actually like the 680i as the overclocker, but both boards are good overclockers nontheless.
  10. Some multipliers just dont work well and won't boot. Also you may need to up the chipset voltage a bump. You might try messing with a lower multi with higher FSB and another ram divider that works with your settings! May have to lower the HTT link to 3x though.
  11. You could also get The new Prime 95 which does mulit core processors including quad cores processors stress testing. Its a good alternative to Orthos and is reliable. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Home-E...n/Prime95.shtml
  12. Only using 1.4v LOL! that thing should be good for 1.55v on air if your cooling is good. As you get further though you will see each extra added amount of voltage will only get you a few extra number of MHZ as you scale past the chips potential, but 2.9 ghz at 1.4v is NOTHING to sneeze at, that sounds like a CAB1E 0614 stepping, but i guess all the CAB1E stepping is good, the 0614 was just the best 1 meg L2 cache ever made by AMD ever! Yours is only a few weeks different too, all champs!
  13. To overclock processor speed you increase this line in the bios CPU Frequency................... - 200 (from 200 to really high) That is how you get total processor speed. 200 multiplied by the mulitplier... which is this line in your bios CPU Multiplier.................. - 11x (Lowest it can go is 5x and only in multiples of 1) Those 2 give you the freqency. 200x11= 2200 mhz which is your processor speed 2.2 ghz. You may need to move your DDR2 voltage to 2.2 and up the FSB a few and check temperatures. You will need more vcore voltage to get higher fsb speed as you push it way past stock of 200 . Your going to need to lower your HTT multi from its stock 5x to a lower 4x at first and 3x if you push the HTT past 1000 mhz total speed too much. The CPU voltage that is stock 1.300 might need to go up to 1.40 or so, but you don't have to move the voltage right away if you don't want. Ofcourse we would need full specs to determine much more than that. Your ram should be ok to move with the HTT past stock of 200 if you give it 2.2v im sure it will take the speed up to about DDR-800 no problem.
  14. With the LDT voltage at 1.2v your not going to be able to run that HTT at 4x, thats 1120 mhz HTT link speed, run that at 3x for sure! Also why is your dram voltage only 2.5v? Are you kidding? Those sticks should need more like 2.7 - 2.8volts possibly. Is the 2T command rate working?
  15. I can safely tell you that all s939 opteron chips are good for up to 65C max temp 24/7, but other than that your going to have to get a better heatsink. The zalman you have is older technology. You are going to need heatpipes for a dual core opty. A zalman 9700 would be better, but not the 9500 its too small. Another good heatsink is the Thermalright Ultra-120 extreme, but make sure you get the bolt thru kit for 939. The Thermaltake Big typoon also is a great heatsink.
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