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  1. Thanks mate. It must be a settings somewhere in the bios that could fix this. But dunno what. Its only when I overclock the cpu to 10*275
  2. hmmm...looks like when I raise the fsb to 275, I get this long post before windows. Any1 had this symptom before?
  3. Yeah post into windows. no I still havent run those programs. Will do though. I just played fear for an hour on max settings and no problem. looks like the machine is stable but its just this long post thats really strange.
  4. ok this is what I did: - same memory timings - changed the multiplier and fsb -> 10 x 275 = 2750Mhz - increased cpu vcore to 1.4v (was 1.36v) - increased memory DRAM votlage to 2.8v (was 2.76v) All is well and running good. I even got higher scores in 3dmark06, but there is one thing: Now my post takes ages, like 20-30 seconds, when switching the pc on. After this duration the machine starts normally and the monitor switches on. This does not happen after a restart, only when switching the machine on from an off state. Is this normal after overclocking? Thanks again guys for all your help so far
  5. OK. Thanks for the links. I did the reading from those links and others. Got my system stable up to 2800 Ghz -> 14 x 200 (vcore at 1.4v) Memory timing at 2.76v: cas: 3 trcd: 4 trp: 4 tras: 8 My memory is rated at 550Mhz with 2.8v. Now with those new settings that I did, does this mean that I am now using my ram with speed 550Mhz? Also, is it best to increase the FSB and try to maintain the cpu multiplier? or is it the same either way? This will clear alot of un-answered questions for me, so please can you explain Thanks
  6. Sorry mate I wrote that wrong. I meant I dont want to do it without any guidence.
  7. Hi all, My system see sig, is a new build. I finally managed to get it stock stable. When I say stock, I mean that I have not touched anything in the BIOS. I only flashed the mobo to current BIOS. I'm using ccc 6.5. MS daul-core hotfix. 1. I want to overclock the fx-60 to 2.8Ghz (im now on stock -> 2.6Ghz). 2. I want to overclock my memory. I dont have that much experience with overclocking but did ALOT of reading behind the theory. Now I really dont want to go into BIOS and change anything. So, does any1 here know some good settings for me to try out? That would be great guys PS. I did read through the overclock database and couldnt find anything that could help me. Thanks again
  8. I just got the new PSU replacment. Just did 3 runs for 3dmark06 and it ran like a dream. Thanks to everyone that helped
  9. cant believe all that money and I cant use this pile of crap for anything....
  10. Yeah I did try that. i have tried every combination possible and still the same problem.
  11. Thanks mate for those settings. tried them but no luck. Still same issue. Do I need to change any settings for my cpu? like the multiplier cos its set to 13 by default.
  12. Thanks mate I read this article before I got my memory but completly forgot about it. Read it today and it might just be the reason why I get the crashes. link I dont know anything about tweaking memory but it looks like I need to set them up somehow to make them stable. But I dont have any idea how to do that!!! Would someone be willing to give me a hand. Pl eassseee
  13. Did some memtest86 runs. It fails after 30 minutes with same problem. Reboot then stuttering start up. I have tried the test with stock bios ram settings, and tony's bios setting...Doesnt make a difference...problem with both settings... Now this is strange.... I mean does the system need loads of power for the memory test? Does this suggest that my ram is the faulty part?
  14. Done more tests... -no sound card, just two graphics card - same issue -no sound card, just one graphics card - same issue -no sound card, just one graphics card (switched the cards)- same issue looks like it might be the psu. Will rma it. If they let me. What should I say about the psu to the company I purchased from? I dont want them to tell me -> "Sorry, we can do that..." Being in this position after paying LOADS of money is making me feel sick and ****ty.
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