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  1. YAY the new mainboard worked. i told him to run a memtest for 12 hours or so. he did and it found nothing, so his ram is good. he is currently installing the os and software today after work. anyway thanx for the help.
  2. sorry for sucjh a long break on this topic, we have had a couple of family members pasaway so we had funerals. anyway he tryed each stick seperately in his machine and nothing. he tryed each stick on his brothers machine and viola they worked. so he is RMA'ing the mainboard. thanx for all the help guys. i will keep u posted
  3. Is thre a QVL or a thread on these forums that talk about RAM modules that have been tested with the cfx3200 board or any type of recomendedRAM. Main reason i ask is i just want t make sure that my ram will work. Its in my signature. here is the model number for them OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K - Retail
  4. ok we found out that its not his ram but the mobo. both his ram sticks work in a diff machine and niehter of them work in the dfi board. maybe we are missing something else. for it to beep like that saying there is no memery present and to throw a beep code. wouldnt that be because the ram needs to be manuly set. or could it be a bad board that just wants to beep
  5. LOL we figured it out. just know. he called me up and said that his systme speaker wasnt hooked up and that its throwing a dram error. so he is buying new ram. hopefully its ram and not bad mobo.
  6. what else could it be. my guess is either bad gpu or mobo. we tested each stick of ram sepeartly to see if that was it.
  7. its not a stupid question, he cant test it in another machine because he does not have an extra machine with pcie on it. its an old school agp asus board. also one thing that bugs me about this board is that u have to set up a jumper for the keyboard to even work. why is that. or am i reading the online manual wrong. says jumper for ps/2 usb mouse and keyboard.. but i thought power should go to the keyboard automatically. any way i told him to take it to a local pc shop and test the board and video card. but thatns for the input and sorry for the late reply
  8. ok so i have read 2 threads on hear that have the exact same issue as me. i turn it on and NO POST. i got the fast beep once saying that there is a post but it says NO VIDEO SIGNAL on my moniter. i swich moniters with my bros and it does the same thing. i have used ONE stick of ram and the same thing. NO POST AND NO SIGNAL.. i checked to make sure the 8 pin cpu power is hooked up and it is. BTW this is NOT my computer, its my friends in cali and im in utah. he is bran new at pc's and this is his FIRST build.. i had him plug in the 4 pin molex conector above thePCIE 1 slot just in case. we CANT get into BIOS CUZ there is no post or video. (i capsed some words for umph, im not yelling,LOL) still no go. NO sound card installed, just the bare minimum. he gets debug codes of C1 and C4 and the manual says noithing of it. we have tryed to hit the delete key to see if we can get into bios to manuly set the ram timings. and nothing. nothing what soever. it might be something simple cuz im not there. another debug code is a C and a backwards 4.. plz help if u can... also we cleared cmos and made sure that pin 1 and 2 have the jumper camp on them. pin 3 is exposed he has the amd x2 4200 wd 250GB 7200rpm 16mb cache OCZ 2X1GB ddr400 pc 3200 platnium ed. advertised at 2-3-2-5. x-fi. enermax liberty 620watt psu just like mine
  9. thanx. will i crashed my computer for the first time last night. lol. i had my ram at 2-3-2-8 @2.7v and my fsb at 215. my ram hated that and said hell no im not gonna work fofr free. and went on strike. so i had to clear my cmos. then i tryed [email protected] and fsb was 225. it passed memtest86 but failed on 3dmark05. it restarted my pc. so i tryed [email protected] and fsb at 225 and 3dmark went well with 11202 marks and 46.7fps on proxycon. then i noticed some lag with it and then i put it to [email protected] and fsb at 220 and got 11114 on 3dmark05 with 46.2 fps on proxycon. so far 8 3dmark tests and im doin fine. thats with no ram dividers.. just a 1:1 ratio. i cant go to much higher due to my room temp is almost 100 degreesF because of no AC. but my dad and i put in the swamp cooler and now my room is like 76-80. is it possible to get 235 for fsb on a stock HSF or a after market HSF for my cpu and then clock my ram to 196mhrz @ [email protected] tell what u think. thanx man. i owe you one.
  10. i have been reading the online manual for the cfx3200 and im kinda confused about the dual channle ram setting. will 4x 1gig sticks of the same type and make of ram operate at 400 in dual channle or does it auto clock it to 333 when all ram slots are occupied with 1 gig sticks..
  11. the enermax liberty 620 is actualy 680 watts max. the sticker on my box says 680 max and 620 continual. 22amps max and 19-20 continual on each 12v rail. continual is the most important factor. read this http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 that is a link to recomended and tested psu's for dfi boards. also its all about amps these days. ati and sapphire agrees on that one. lol.. dont get me wrong watts is important to but u need more amps to support these new highend cards and dual core is almost a standard now. thats why i went with the liberty. its 680max and 22 amps. perfect
  12. dam. ya my 2nd and 1st where both 19amps on 12v1 and 12v2. nope it didnt like that at all. now my overheating issue is gone but all the same problems are still there. i have gone threw 3 x1900xtx's. evga is saying it could be the mainboard. if it is and the new one does not work from them then i am swiching to dfi. thats if i can figure it out. im still learning how to overclock on this basic evga board. its confusing
  13. yes 38 amps on a single or min of 22 amps on multi railed systems. i had the same issue. i went threw 3 psu's and 3 x1900xtx's due to power. 2 of the psu's where on the ati page. i called ati and there OWN tech said dont bother with those. he said he was going to tell the techs to take the ones with 19amps or lower off because they are not doing the job well. on psu's u have to take off 15% on the max output to find a continual rate or ur system will not have the power. for example your psu has 44amps max. take 15% off of that is 37-38 amps. my single x1900xtx draws 32 amps on load so i have 6 amps left to power the rest of my system. with volts there is a 5% give or take. on 12 volt it can go as high as 12.6 or as low as 11.4. thats with in spec.. go to www.formfactors.org for more info on new psu spec and desighn guides. the best psu ati told me to get was the enermax liberty 620watt or the tagan which has 4 12v rails each at 22 amps.
  14. as happy games once told me. " These DFi boards suck a lot of power for your system, dont go cheap on a psu" i went threw 3 psu's and finaly ended up with the enermax liberty 620watt psu. 170$ for that bad boy
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