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  1. Ok, cleared the cmos and booted 1 red led,top and bottom amber leds are lit but no post.
  2. Switched from MSI to Ultra-d just started it up and no post. There is no trouble shooting in my manual so I am lost.
  3. I will be buying from some place other than New Egg because in TN. there is 10% sales tax (Out post.com or Zipzoomfly maybe).
  4. I'm convinced, the revision doesn't make any difference, now I will shop for a good price. Thanks for the help.
  5. iI see in your sig you have a revision ADO. if you don't mind me asking, where did you buy it?
  6. Do you have a recommendation for up to $120, that is my limit.
  7. I was just pricing the Ultra-D and saw the infinity, what is the difference, which is better?
  8. I just bought a XConnect2 550W daul 12v rails will that be ok?
  9. I am thinking about buying a DFI LANPARTY UT nForce4 Ultra-D and I read something about Rev. ADO on another fourm. How do I know if it is Rev. ADO if I am ordering online or is there another revision I should look for?
  10. I found a deal on a HIS X1800GTO IceQ3 Turbo 256MB DDR3/PCI-E/AVIVO/Dual-DVI-DL at Monarch that I couldn't refuse $180 after rebate so it looks like the DFI will have to wait till Xmas. How do I determine what the stepping is and whether it is good or not? Did it just quit, how did you determine it was thw MBO. My system is acting up some and I don't know for what it is?
  11. That's just what I have been looking for, It list mine first under the Mushkins so it must be good. Thanks.
  12. Doesn't run at all at stock which is 2-2-2-2. The best I can get is 2.5-4-4-8, don't know much about this stuff so I dont really know if that is good or not.
  13. I searched to try and find out but no luck. I am thinking of buying a DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D board and was wondering if my ram is good with it or not. Mushkin PC3200 LII V2 1GB (2x512MB) XP3200 [email protected] TIA.
  14. I can see it, if anybody else can't see it let me know and I will make it again or is there something else that you require?
  15. Thank you for the warm weclcome. No it's not, I had to back it down because of reboots. I just bought this one, read lots of reviews and thought it was a good one. What is wrong with it (just curious)? Thank you. Just what I need, thanks.What would be the better board DFI NF4 Ultra Infinity or the Ultra-D? I don't need a SLI board.
  16. That was quick, thanks. Much higher OC's what would a wild wild guess be? I am knew to OC'ing how does a motherboard make a difference? I will spend up to $150 for a board is there another I should consider (other than the Ultra-D)? I don't need SLI. Thanks.
  17. Not trying to be smart, I have a MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum Ultra nForce4 and am thinking of upgrading. I have been looking at the Ultra-D. What will this board do that the MSI board can't? Would this be a worth while upgrade? Please try to put your bias aside, I know you are all DFI fans here and possibly I will be soon. TIA
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