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  1. bchivers,


    just to confirm a couple of things;


    a. you DIDN'T try to carry over an existing windows installation on your hdd from the MSI board did you?


    b. you DID try the minimal hardware build outside of the case as tutored in the DFI NF4 build guide correct?


    c. have you tried ExRoadies' excellent guide for a full and proper CMOS clear from a no boot condition? it is linked in my sig. titled "disaster recovery". do not attempt any shortcuts and follow the directions to the letter. pay special attention to the instructions concerning moving the m/b speaker jumper, and also the insert/delete key sequence.


    d. you DO have all four power connectors plugged into the board and your current power supply is a native 24 pin?


    let us know how it goes. and please keep in mind that DFI boards generally don't play pretty with average hardware, whether that be power supplies or RAM.

    a. I did a clean install and was useing the os but I couldn't use my X1800 so that is when I stared changeing cards.


    b. no. I was just replacing the mbo I hadn't even consulted this forum until I was having problems.


    c. I don't have the HDD plugged into the board since I am using a raid and there is only one plug on the board. Just dawned on me that I can use a splitter, lol.


    d. I will go back and do it again this time I will use a splitter. I do have the right plugs for the board. Wil report back soon.


  2. Does the card work in another system? And by that statement do you mean you had a different card in the system then switched it for the x1800? If that's the case, you may just want to try a cmos clear, it'll fix a lot of strange problems it seems.

    The card was in this system before I just swapped the mbo. When it didn't work with the knew board I tried 2 other cards. 1 NvIDIA AND ONE ati. The nVidia worked but the ATI didn't. I have cleared the cmos 3 times still have the same problem.

  3. Ultra is a "bling" provider first. Performance is way down on their list of priorities.


    They still rate their PSU output at 25C which is beyond unrealistic. As temps rise inside the PSU, current capacity drops. I've actually had an Ultra that only delivered half of it's rated output under real world conditions.


    This is the reason we have a recommended list for PSU purchases.

    Thanks for the answers guys. How do I measure the current capacity of the PSU? Unfortunately I had bought the PSU just before I decied to buy a MBO.

  4. I see an Ultra PSU in the sig.


    That's a major problem right away.

    I have received the same kind of feedback on other forums but nobody will tell me what is wrong with them. I did alot of research before I bought it (BigBruin, Black Viper. Bjorn) and they all gave it an excellent review. I know the first generation PSUs sucked but I thought the second was supposed to be much better. I am not trying to argue with you, I would really like to know.

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