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  1. How can I tell if they are 2.0. Do I need drivers for it?
  2. Installed the knew one without a problem. Now on to learn about overclocking. Thanks to all for your patience and your help.
  3. Took it out of my computer an hour ago, will send it back tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  4. No. I am on another computer but the dfi board still does not power the keyboard. Did the clear cmos thing again this time there is only 1 red led on but still no video. Have tried three different cards, 2 PCI-EX, 1 PCI.
  5. I am useing a ps/2 and it works because that is what I am typing with now.
  6. Just tried the clear cmos again but noticed when I booted up there was no power to the keyboard. Is there a setting that I need to change?
  7. I have followed this guide to a T 5 times the last time let it clear for 14 hrs. Have change PSUs, 3 different video cards all the power cables. I need mine to take to Canada this weekend and I don't think I have enough time to RMA it even if I new how. Might just have to go back to my MSI board.:mad:
  8. I am having the same problem except mine is a knew board. I hope we can find an answer, if not I will have to RMA my board if I can find out how.
  9. Followed the instrutions to a T this time it hung at 3 red led's. My ram is on the list for this board. Also when I was able to boot before it had no errors after 2+ hours. I also tried a stick of value ram(512mb). Is the board defective or is it something I am doing wrong?
  10. "have you tried ExRoadies' excellent guide for a full and proper CMOS clear from a no boot condition?" Tried 3 times, 3 led's go out and it goes into the bios but I still have no video. Tried it again this time will leave over night.
  11. "d. you DO have all four power connectors plugged into the board and your current power supply is a native 24 pin?" Do you mean the floppy as well because my board doesn't the power connector on the board, just the HDD?
  12. a. I did a clean install and was useing the os but I couldn't use my X1800 so that is when I stared changeing cards. b. no. I was just replacing the mbo I hadn't even consulted this forum until I was having problems. c. I don't have the HDD plugged into the board since I am using a raid and there is only one plug on the board. Just dawned on me that I can use a splitter, lol. d. I will go back and do it again this time I will use a splitter. I do have the right plugs for the board. Wil report back soon. Thanks.
  13. Just changed PSU's same thing. I get 1 beep then 4 red led's. Any other ideas will be greatly appreciated. If you don't have a video card or one that's not working will the 4 red led's still go out?
  14. The card was in this system before I just swapped the mbo. When it didn't work with the knew board I tried 2 other cards. 1 NvIDIA AND ONE ati. The nVidia worked but the ATI didn't. I have cleared the cmos 3 times still have the same problem.
  15. I had it set to PCI-EX before I switched cards but now I can't get into the bios(no post).
  16. Does it hurt to run two PSU'S at a time. Would like to hookup a second one to the CPU just to test it?
  17. Started changing video cards and now it won't post. I have 4 red leds and 2 amber. I was able to boot and used a old monitor but not now. I tried resetting the cmos again, didn't help. Thinking about putting my MSI board back in.
  18. Just installed a knew mbo(Ultra-d) and finally got it working the only problem is that my x1800gto (DVI monitor) won't work. I have to use a PCI card and an analogue monitor.
  19. I read through the post and the only thing I don't have is the HDD plugged into the MBO. I only saw one receptacle and I have two in a raid0
  20. Just installed a knew mbo(Ultra-d) and finally got it working the only problem is that my x1800gto (DVI monitor) won't work. I have to use a PCI card and an analogue monitor.
  21. Got a post ran memtest for 2+ hours no errors but can't get my dvi card to work, had to use a PCI card instead of a PCI-EX.
  22. Thanks for the answers guys. How do I measure the current capacity of the PSU? Unfortunately I had bought the PSU just before I decied to buy a MBO.
  23. I have received the same kind of feedback on other forums but nobody will tell me what is wrong with them. I did alot of research before I bought it (BigBruin, Black Viper. Bjorn) and they all gave it an excellent review. I know the first generation PSUs sucked but I thought the second was supposed to be much better. I am not trying to argue with you, I would really like to know.
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