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  1. My Opty 165 runs 300x8=2400 MHz. Idle:32C(CnQ) Load:43C @ 1.35v.
  2. Hi Guys, Finally I solved my problem. Now I can enable QnC 300 x 8 = 2400 MHz. The clue is; "Cool 'n' Quiet MAX FID" value on BIOS. I set this value to actual multiplier (x8) now I can use QnC properly and stable... Thanks & Regards. Hicks
  3. Hi Guys, Lots of thanks to all participants. Don't angry to me please. I know it is not recommended to enable CnQ while O/C'ing... I found some settings which can run CnQ with O/C properly: FSB: 275 CPU Multiplier: 9x VCore: 1.35v. DIMM: 2.7v. Ram Divider: 11/12 With these settings I can boot up Windows XP while CnQ is enabled. (Otherwise [265 MHz. FSB or 280 MHz.FSB] I cannot boot Windows up, it is resetting while loading CnQ driver on sliding blue boxes...) I have tested "Fifa 2006 WC" for 2 hours and "Need For Speed: Most Wanted" for 1 hour they run properly. This is ok but one point remains. I cannot run double Prime 95 over 10 minutes, it gives an error about rounding and 0.4 - 0.5 values. Is this error about VCore voltage? If I increase the voltage to 1.40 can I run the test properly? Thanks & Regadrs Hicks
  4. Hi, I read sticky about O/C and I know that advice. But I want to use CnQ, please don't give me advice, I only want to know if it is possible or not. Thanks & Regards, Hicks
  5. Hi Guys, I cannot enable CnQ with high FSB values like 300 MHz. Does anyone know why? Is there anyway to use CnQ enabled with 300 MHz. FSB? My System: |DFI LanParty nF4 SLI-DR (Bios: D406)| |AMD Opteron 165 + Sycthe Ninja 1000P| |2x1GB. PATRIOT PDC2G3200LLK| |Samsung 160 GB SATA2 NCQ| |AOpen H600B-28 Case + Tagan EasyCon 530W. PSU| |Asus EAX1900XTX + AC Accelero X2| |Audigy [email protected] ZS| Regards, Hicks
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