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  1. Might want to check Frys.com. Their APO/FPO limit is 70 pounds per their website though.
  2. About a year and a half ago I had a x2 4800+ (I think) and I broke a pin off of it. I was removing my phase change from it while it was frozen and it just stuck to the head. Anyways, I tried fixing it myself soldering(that didn't work), I tried calling some jewelers but they talked to me like I was some super freak for even asking, and I tried looking information up on the web but didn't find anything. I wish I would have found this back then, could have revived my once expensive cpu.
  3. I actually live in Richfield right near 494 and Lyndale, not exactly Minneapolis.
  4. Well it turns out to be the #1 E8400 CPU-Z score on HWbot. I'd say it's a world record. Sparkyftw, just let me know when you'd like to get together. Carl and I have been meeting on Saturday mornings a few times now as that works out for him. I have quite a bit of available time so I'm really flexible. Carl and I used pretty much all of the LN2 now and I'll have to go get some more. It's amazing how long that stuff actually lasts. We just kept pouring and pouring giving the thirsty motherboard drink after drink. It was a blast knowing just how well it was working. Shh don't tell any cool people but Carl and I were cheering a bit like a couple of excited geeks. haha
  5. So Carl came over again today, but this time he was threatening to beat my butt if I didn't get any world records. I'm not sure exactly if this is one, but it's got to be close. With the help of soundx98 (Thanks Carl). Some news update: I made my own LN2 northbridge pot for some extra Mhz. I very nice 5.808Ghz with a chill 645Mhz FSB! http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=337049 Vcore: 1.85v -Which is the max for my board. Vfsb: Max Vddr: 2.7v Vnb: 1.8v (anything higher would result in less stability) Multi at 9 of course Vsb auto Crucial Ballistix PC8500 at 5-5-5-15 @ 645Mhz, every other mem timing left in auto. What's the world record for the E8400 anyways? I tried to solder in some volt mods for the board but was having a rough time getting the solder to stick to those tiny resistors without getting it everywhere. That is something I'm going to get done though.
  6. as long as the keyboard is dry when you turn it back on it will be fine. Water will not hurt your keyboard while no power is applied. Now using all kinds of different cleaners is more dangerous to your hardware. NEVER take any one persons advice, ALWAYS do your research.
  7. I've haven't tried this in a long time but I used to throw older keyboards in the dishwasher and they came out great. This may sound crazy but it actually works. Since it's wireless take the batteries of course. It's worth a shot anyways.
  8. I'd be more than willing to have a get together at my place. I can get some fresh LN and we'll have lots to play with. I have a lot of time and am free every weekend, post some times that work for you.
  9. Ha ha nice write up Carl. It was a good time and I'd love to get together again and with some more new folks. This week I'm working on my new test bench V2.0, should be larger and a bit easier to work with. I am also getting an E8500 shortly so 6Ghz is in my sights and it's going to happen!
  10. So now that it's getting nice out(besides the snow today) who wants to have a group meeting? Get some Ln2, have a case mod contest and a meet some locals. Anyone interested?
  11. likewhoa why don't you try to focus on your product and customer base first and then while that is developing build up the website. technodanvan makes a lot of good points. You truely have to do something different in today's market to get it out there and for it to be successful. I'd really like to see your ultimate htpc build including which software you'd use. They're probably the most difficult to setup because so many factors are involved. They're just not mainstream enough to have a great product backing and support. Be prepared to put in a lot of time with customer support on the media pcs unless your customer is savvy. I think that making them seem like they're "special editions" will probably be good.
  12. That's really great. I wish you the best of luck. Coming up with a company name and/or website name now is tough, especially something that's good and original. I think if you just built one really good looking prototype to show your work then you wouldn't have to have a lot of other parts on hand to keep your overhead low. I'd also try to keep everything you do in house and not outsource modding and/or painting to other people unless you have a connection with a good friend.
  13. Honestly it's going to take some capital to get this going and make it attractive enough to find customers to spend that kind of money. Maybe you have a lot of contacts that know you. What do you plan to do to set you apart from the other big companies that are doing it? I would love to do a similar thing but there is very little profit margin in computers and it requires a lot of your time. Are you planning an entirely custom setups or any prebuilt units?
  14. Out of all those systems you listed how much experience do you have building them? Have any examples of your work?
  15. Man if I lived near there I'd love a part time job like that, and you wouldn't even have to pay me. I built probably a dozen high end machines for my ex Navy buddies and had no issues at all. It's too bad you didn't get somebody that was an enthusiast and wanted to really do well.
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