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  1. I want to be able to use the bottom PCI slot for my wireless network card. But the pictures on some of the reviews say that this cooler (which will go on my 8800GTS) will block 4 expansion slots, plus you need to keep a fifth clear for airflow. Can I put my network card in the fifth and still get airflow?
  2. The answer seems to lie in the BIOS. If I use any BIOS prior to the May 9/05 one, the crackling/popping/shrieking goes away completely. But none of these prior ones recognize my dual-core, and I get frame rate crashes on the game I'm doing this all for whenever I use these prior ones. Any theories?
  3. @ Sharp - got it new at mWave, this month. @ LookBack - I used the update feature for new drivers, so I think I have the latest, but I'll double-check, thanks.
  4. Is there a BIOS that helps with or resolves this issue for nF4 chips like on my DFI LanParty Ultra-D?
  5. Hi, Just got an X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card, and have the crackling/popping/shrieking issues. Is there a bios that helps with this? I heard upgrading to 2GB dual channel RAM might work. Any advice anyone?
  6. So does that mean that the 5B-F should ultimately achieve basically just as high HZ as the 5B-D, as long as you up the voltage?
  7. Any consensus yet as to whether the new revision Crucial 2GB DDR 500 sticks are more reliable?
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