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  1. why would you want this thing at full speed? it is so frickin loud at 4000-5000rpms maybe mine is broken too
  2. yea i really hope it is one of these sticks or my overclocking self is going to cry. gonna check tonight. love the lanpartys actually and i'm hoping to build a quad core for my next rig...either AMD or Intel. haven't decided yet. i'm obviously an AMD fanboy but was tempted by the C2D.
  3. hey sygensmyth i've actually read your other posts so i'm glad you responded. i'm just not expecting deterioration this fast-1 year! i think i posted before about how fishy the NB is at 45C. I remember it use to rise up to 50C and that worried me, but I know the chipset can also hit up to 60C. I think it's about that time of the year to memtest it. You are correct I've been lazy and have only been running orthos. I will memtest it tonight, but when I put the dividers at 1/2 and ran at 2.8 it still crashed so it lead me to believe it couldn't have been the RAM. i want to believe something is faulty other than the motherboard and the chip. maybe it's time to switch BIOS.
  4. When I first bought the Opty 165 I was able to crank it up to 3ghz no problem with about 1.5-1.55V; however, earlier in the year I decided I wanted to just let it sit at 2.8Ghz @ 1.425V. I usually check OC databases to see what I should expect with my stepping and cooler. so just recently I noticed my rig was no longer orthos stable at this setting. I know the higher than normal voltage reduces cpu life, but it's only been a year. I thought maybe it was because at full load it hits 50C, but people said the chip is rated to handle up to 65C. perhaps there is a problem with my probe since I don't even leave my chipset fan on since it's loud (Evercool VC-RE) and it never goes over 45C. could it be the RAM or the mobo? Right now it's running stock stable.
  5. this chipset fan is loud when running above 3000RPM, but i've had it off this past week and it's been fine even under dual prime with temperatures at 45C even when i maxed out the VC-RE fanspeed the temp only dropped about 1C Is there something wrong with the mobo probes?
  6. they are onboard...right now they seem to be working fine again. i have the side panel off. i haven't plugged in my xbox360 wireless receiver yet so that may be the culprit. i will try it when i'm at home-incidentally that damn thing doesn't work for me, i can't get it to sync with my controllers. could be related.
  7. it's been working on and off...when i turn off the computer and let it sit for a while it'll work the next time. I think it's maybe because of the PWMIC temp (45C) or the chipset (45C)? But those temps aren't even high at all. Also my dumb xbox360 wireless receiver isn't working either. i'm thinking maybe there's not enough power to go around? chipset problem?
  8. i don't know what happened but my logitech g15 and my plantronics gamecom1 pro both have problems. the computer detects them connected but their respective software both freeze and only loads when i unplug the devices. symptoms: -when i plug in the G15 it chimes twice (connection sound) -LCD Profile Manager is frozen when connected, but pops up when i unplug it -Plantronics USB headset locks up any audio software trying to output to it (ie Ventrilo, Winamp, etc.) -Keyboard still works but none of the LCD functions work you guys think one of the windows updates messed up my usb drivers?
  9. so i got ATI Tool and it is a beautiful piece of software. However, I'm running into the same type of problems when I hit find max core...it sent my core down to 20Mhz and still was not satisfied! i feel like my video card is locked at 460! anyone else with a 7800 GTX and 93.71 drivers? maybe i should try different forceware.
  10. i thought most people use stock voltage to overclock their cards and only the hardcore use volt modding. the nVidia Coolbits doesn't seem to work consistently as it sometimes says my stock speeds are stable and other times it says i need to clock to 437.
  11. i used coolbits to unlock the clock frequency menu in the control panel and it shows double the double of the memory clock frequency. (460/2.60) i guess i could just use the nVidia control panel to overclock it. anyone else have issues with this card? When i try to do find optimal frequency it sets it at 437/1.3 since this card is factory overclocked does that mean you really can't overclock it anymore?
  12. wow this is my lesson for the weekend...switching the memory slots. First i couldn't get my second rig to boot cause of wrong dimms and now it's the same with my primary rig. you guys are the best, although i had to suffer a bit haha
  13. yea it's because I have these Patriot sticks that no one knows which slots work well with, and i don't remember how i came to settle on the yellow RAM but I thought depending on the IC modules you use either orange or yellow. Anyway dividers didn't work so here goes the switcheroo
  14. Yea sorry for the confusion, I don't understand the motherboard entirely either. In ITE it says the voltage is at 2.78 and it won't load windows at the next level up, 2.88V. I'm going to try running it at a even lower divider...although it's a DDR500 stock RAM and it was already at stock. I remember priming the memory when I was finding the max RAM clock.
  15. hmmm my RAM won't load windows at 2.8V...even though it is rated for that (although the DRAM 2.5V Voltage reading says 2.88V). Do you guys think I need to switch over to the orange slots? Maybe i should bump the chipset voltage up to 1.6V
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