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  1. I got a CFX3200 2 months ago, and I had similar problems booting off both of my OCZ dual channel platinum PC3200 sticks. It worked on one stick, but not both. And it wasn't stable at all, frequently rebooted. I could never get very far into the formatting process before getting the dreaded blue screen. A BIOS flash fixed ALL of my problems. I suggest you try the same. Tmod's BIOS flash CD works quite well. Make sure you upload the right BIOS to the new computer, or you may end up having to get a new BIOS chip
  2. I had a truckload of problems with my CFX-3200, but a BIOS flash fixed almost everything. A question I have: does the Iceberq (NOT the Iceberq 4) require me to cut off part of the fins for it to fit properly, or is it just the Iceberq 4?
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