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  1. Mine is around 53C idle and 61C loaded. I thought it's related to heat too. If the air-conditioner isn't turned on, the computer will freeze sooner, sometimes at the login prompt. If it's turn on the computer will freeze like 10mins later. Once again after the freeze it runs flawlessly.
  2. I've got the same problem too back in the day I have only one card. Ever since I installed another X1900 card for crossfire setup. My PC freezes/BSOD sooner. After hitting the reset button, it works great for like 8hrs of gaming nonstop.
  3. That's exactly what I'm gonna do to my 3x120 Rad. My 2x120 goes to the top though. I'll be running dual loop, first loop for CPU and 2nd for 2 video cards.
  4. I think so too. I got this ram 2nd-handed from a guy who ran it on a NF4 Expert and he could get 280 even 285mhz 3-4-4-8. I, however can't push it beyond 260mhz no matter what timings and VDIMM I set. I can still set it at 2.5-3-3-7 which is not bad though. I am still waiting for some advices from the Teamgroup and XtremeSystem forums. I want to run it at 1/01 to match my 280HTT. I set all those DRAM options myself in BIOS, MAL is 7ns and preamble is 5.0ns. A total replication of the settings of OnePageBook, a famous o/c guru who uses DFI and Teamgroup products.
  5. I still get random lock up in light weight process even after I updated the AMD Athlon™ 64/FX Processor Driver and edited the registry following the instructions by MS. I've played a few games like FEAR and the Prey demo for hours, also ran 3dmark06 overnight and it was rock stable.
  6. Mine locks up randomly in light-weight operations, like web-surfing, booting up, etc. In heavy-weight operations like games and prime95 it's rock stable. I've installed an old version of AMD Athlon™ 64/FX Processor Driver before and I didn't know there's a new one. That might be the problem.
  7. No........but seriously I've been having a lot of troubles since I got my system: 1) Plugged everything in, started installing WindowsXP, wouldn't pass through the format hard drive screen. Just locked up or gave me error like page_fault, stuff like that. 2) Replaced my Teamgroup ram with a stick of Corsair value 512mb, finally got Windows installed, but still very unstable and gave me random page_fault errors. 3) At some point after a BSOD, I couldn't even boot into Windows anymore, system rebooted itself right about backing up CMOS and reading from the HD. 4) Reinstalled Windows again, flash the BIOS with the 5.23 beta. No more page_fault error now, and can use my Teamgroup ram again. .......but that's not the end......... 5) Installed drivers and a few benchies, everything at stock speed. Super PI passed so did one loop of 3DMark06. Tried to run 3DMark06 overnight but it crashed. Tried to run Prime95 overnight and it crashed too. 6) Again at some point after a BSOD of a Prime95 crash, system rebooted itself at the point of reading HD and loading Windows. So reinstall Windows again. 7) I thought it's the problem of my Teamgroup ram. Those 2 sticks get very hot and the heatspreaders are like....crap. Part of them didn't even touch the ram chip. So I got 2 sticks of Coolmaster ram spreaders. 8) Got into my newly installed Windows, installed a few drivers like the AMD 64 and Marvel network one. Didn't bother with ATI Catalyst yet. Clocked the CPU at 2.8ghz and ram at DDR290(Finding the max of CPU). Ran 2 instances of Prime95 simultaneously for 10hrs already. CPU stays at 44-46C loaded, chipset and PWRIC gets pretty hot, about 49-52. (Room temp. is damn hot here in Hong Kong, like 29-31C or something) 2.8ghz seems stable, sweet. .......well, everything seems fine, but actually I am ignoring a very strange problem for now........ I can't turn off my computer with the Windows shutdown function. It turns off alright, but comes back on randomly. I've noticed that it comes back on after a brief flash of the onboard ethernet LED. So I pulled the network cable, and it stays off. I think it must have it's Wake On LAN enabled, so I looked into the BIOS and it's disabled.... I just don't know what's going on, the PC is like having its own mind or possessed... :confused: Besides the turn-itself-on thing, it had also lost the ability to go into standy by mode, not that I really care though. I tried clearing my CMOS and ran everything at default, no difference. At 2.8ghz it's stable, so I figured what the heck I'll just stress test this sucker overnight.
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