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  1. After switching the RAM slots, WINDOWS SETUP LOADS!! EUREKA!!! Thank you everyone for the help, if I have any problems, I will make a new thread, this is the last post I will be making on this thread unless there are more of the same problems...
  2. Well, earlier I tried a memtest at my friends house with his power supply and it just went to the memtest screen and didn't even do anything. It just had the blue screen with the memtest at the top left and then it showed how much ram I had in the system, but didn't actually go through any testing. I just switched up the ram into the orange slots (was able to fit the ram under my zalman fan also!) and it's going through the testing process now which is a good sign hopefully. I'll post back when it finishes testing and I try to install windows again.
  3. Well, I wasn't able to get it to run windows setup even when using my friend's power supply. I'm going to be in the process of RMAing the mobo, power supply, and possibly the processor. I just hope it will run the next time. If anyone else has any ideas as to what's wrong, I'll be checking up on this throughout the day and tomorrow morning before I call to get my RMA numbers. Thank you everyone, you have all been a great help so far.
  4. Well, funny thing is, I have both a PS2 and USB hooked up at the same time right now, because some keys on the PS2 don't work from a pop accident a while back.. XD I was also reading in the bleedinedge forums that I need to put the ram in the OJ slots.. That could also be a problem, I have both of them in the yellow, but I have a Zalman fan and I don't think I could make my other 512 stick of ram fit in the other orange slot. Is it possible to make one run in the orange and one in the yellow, or am I going to have to junk my zalman fan??? As for the overclock, I haven't messed with any of that yet, I'm just more set on getting windows to work. I also saw that I need to change the levels on my ram in the bios, I can't check at the moment because I'm at my girlfriend's house, but remembering off the top of my head a lot of areas in the bios were grayed off and I couldn't select them, is the ram one of them by default, and if so how do I disable it so I can access the ram levels??
  5. I don't believe it came with an adapter.. I just kind of rigged it with the 4 slot.. I didn't even expect it to turn on after I did that, but I'm guessing part of it could be that the mobo isn't circulating power correctly because I'm only using 4 pins. I have a friend who has a PSU that has the 8pin for sure, I don't remember what it is exactly, but I will ask him to see if it works.. Thank you everyone for the help with everything so far, I'll post back with the results from my friend's psu, whether it be good or bad..
  6. So if I changed out the psu I have to one of the suggested ones, would I be alright?
  7. My powersupply is the SilverStone Element 500W. I didn't realise there were 3 places I need to power on my board?? I thought there was only 2. Where and how do I run the memtest 86+ also??
  8. I recently built a new pc, last Wednesday to be exact, and I seem to be having a problem different than the common POST. My windows setup will not load.. I've tried numerous things such as changing the jumpers on the back of the cdrom drive to slave and cable select, as well as different windows cds and different cdrom drives. I talked to a few friends to try and help my problem, but we were not able to find the solution. I can access my bios fine and everything and it detects my hard drive and cdrom drive fine, but when I leave the bios to go to actually install windows, it just sits at the boot from CD... and then it's the black screen with the white underscore at the top left blinking at me. I am completely befuddled as to what the problem is, as I have never had this problem on the other pc's that I've built. Would anyone please be able to help me out?
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