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  1. In 3dmark using two x1600xts my framerate doubled, I have no experience with two x1900s, you may have reached a framerate cap, try increasing all the eye candy to max, if it looks better at little loss you know the game content was previously too trivial for even one card.
  2. im able to get my fx60 to 3.0ghz stable on stock cooling
  3. Well I went about tweaking down my timings for the memory in my sig, currently the timings are very tight compared to what the memory is rated for. Before doing any tweaking Super Pi would not and still doesnt make it through the 32m test, I get the error "not in exact round" or something like that. I had to up the voltage for stability and I have no problems with games etc and the memory performs well. Is it safe to keep these timings when super pi acts like this?
  4. You can't push any more power out of your wonderful fx60 with that impressive vapochill? I'm two hundred mhz below you with stock cooling... get your moneys worth and overclock some more if you can!!!
  5. Unless you live in an oven see my sig, there is no reason you can't get at least 400mhz from an fx60.
  6. Is it possible to run 4 1gig memory modules at 1t? I have tried and I get weird file corruption errors before it gets to the x64 loading screen
  7. He was talking about crossfire vs xt which do have the same clock frequencies EDIT: oops I have foot in mouth disorder, yes mack you are right
  8. I've been trying ...even if I up the voltage it doesn't seem to take...it locks up at the xp loading screen
  9. Got my FX60 to 3.0ghz at 1.475 volts stable and cool with the STOCK heatpipe/fan from AMD
  10. The other thing to be aware of with Mastercards, is that there isnt a mastercard for every standard card that ATI makes. To use the X1900 series as an example there is NO X1900XTX mastercard, only an X1900XT mastercard. This means that if you are planning on running crossfire you are best to buy a standard card that matches the specs of the Mastercard. Buying a card alot slower, would waste the power (power that you are paying extra for remember) of the mastercard, and vice-versa when buying a card faster than the mastercard. One point of confusion though. When running a faster standard card with a slower master card (EG an XTX with a X1900 mastercard) unlike SLI, the faster card Is not downclocked but will continue running at its rated speeds. Do not get too excited by this, because it could well be the case that the faster card may finish a its frame (or portion of a frame) before the slower one and have to waste clock cylces waiting for it to catch up. So whether there is any noticable difference is debatable. Thank you!!
  11. I have my FX60 stable at 200HTT x15 1.475v
  12. didnt read well enough, you might want to burn in that memory if you are getting momentary freezing, one quick way to tell is start off with only one stick of ram, if it does the same thing replace it with the otherstick.
  13. I know you tested all your hardware on another mobo, but sometimes things dont seat right, take everything out of your comp thats extra, soundcard, network card bla bla bla. start with just the graphics card and one stick of ram, if it works add one thing and test it. keep doing that until the problem strikes.
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