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  1. it wont even start to boot. It gives me a long warning beep, the same one that it does when there is no memory in the mobo.
  2. Okay I noticed today that on CPU-Z, my "channel #'s" is listed as in single... as in not dual channel? i know my mobo supports dual channel and i was wondering if i needed to set something in the bios to get it in dual channel? I am asking because i tried sticking one of each stick in both orange or yellow slots, and the system wouldnt boot that way. Currently, i have one stick in a yellow and one in a orange slot. help?
  3. I think i'm gonna try it in a second machine tonight... if not, RMA NEWEGG! Thanks for the input
  4. I was having trouble booting XP in the past. I got those problems solved, and now i have another question. Windows wasnt recoginizing the hard drive i plugged in when i loaded my XP disc. I tried all 4 sata ports, and tried both types of power cables (not at the same time ofc) Do i need drivers for the mobo to recognize the HD? my next step that i'm going to be doing is finding WesternDigital utilities to test the HD... but any advice otherwise?
  5. I think i either decided on this http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...ory_Code=ps-ocz or this http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...ory_Code=ps-ocz I dont think i need the 700w one yet... most likely in a year or so for my next computer i'll get it
  6. Should i buy the $9.99 90 day replacement? or will OCZ replace it if it is DOA? i have just heard that monarch customer support blows and i dont want to get burned
  7. Yeah... Kidding... just went to the reviews on newegg wow most people said it died after 1 year... some 4 months... alright i guess i'll go a little more expensive than that This? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817103937
  8. any opinions on this? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817148008 I was gonna order a ocz one through monarch... but i heard their customer support sucks and i dont wanna spend that much... i might but if i can i'll opt for a cheaper one for now... until i build another computer
  9. Yeah i wasnt aware about how power hungry the dfi boards are. I just read the post by happy games about the 520W/24 pin minimum post... so now i know It has been on the list, but i havent got around to it yet
  10. Ok thanks for the input... I guess newegg will be getting more business today... I'll order a new PSU today and i'll keep ya posted
  11. Yeah, the computer is quite old... those are next on my list to upgrade... Tonight i will try the minimum build again, but i have tried that already. No, i'm not using SATA, so i guess i dont need drivers then for the mobo to recognize the SATA harddrive? I've pretty much narrowed it down to the motherboard with all the troubleshooting... i just don't know enough about motherboards/bios to know how to fix it myself.
  12. anyone? where do i find sata drivers/do i need them?
  13. Did change IDE cables and dvdrw is set as master. DVD is primary boot. Currently i am trying to install a IDE HD, but i just got a SATA hd that is perminently gonna be in the computer. Where would i get the drivers at? WD or Dfi? i just checked both sites but i didnt see anything... i'm probibly blind though
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