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  1. i was overclocking my two ram sticks in my old rig (corsair twinx cmx512 3200llpt) and achieved this: 245 mhz and latency of 2-2-2-5 at 3.2V Prime: stable, Memtest: error free Super pi: stable is this a good overclock to that RAM?? or i can get more of it??
  2. i still have a doubt with those 2 stability connectors on the mobo. They are really necessary just because the stability issue or it has to be with the power?? And guessing that its the power, it would be really necessary having those connectors plugged in even if i have a 700w or more powerful PSU???
  3. Well, i was looking at my voltages in speedfan and it shows me that my -12V is at -9.23V and the -5V is at 1.23V, whats happening? http://img374.imageshack.us/my.php?image=votlesss4.jpg
  4. Well i tried original and omega but with no luck at all... today i oced my card @ 550/550 and when i ran ATI Tools to search for artifacts it didnt show me those Delta in Pixel things but only showed me little yellow squares and it says No Errors.
  5. here is a picture http://img385.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pixels3vk.jpg as you see its in stock speeds... Im using Ati catalyst 6.5 Dhzer0point drivers...
  6. When im scanning for Artifacts in ATI Tools it says Delta of X in X Pixels being X a number
  7. Thnx, but how about those Delta of X in X Pixels??? thats good or bad??
  8. Ok ive found it, i didnt know that this was covered numerous times
  9. It will not work in 16x ??? the second one is only upto 8x?? cannot be 16x?? perhaps if im using the second slot, the first will work at 2x or 8x??
  10. Hi, i just want to know if I can put my video card in the second PCIe slot THNX
  11. an those Delta in Pixel things in ATI Tool are normal??
  12. Ok, ive read the rules.... can help me now?
  13. For ocing Rivatuner would be a good option i think and im almost sure that card cant be unlocked, only the AGP version can do that
  14. Yesterday i purchased this card, and when i installed it i runned the control center to see the Temps, and it shows me 64°C at IDLE It has default settings Also i ran ATI Tool to scan for artifacts, and always show me those Delta in Pixel things and my temps go to 75°C Plz i need help thnx
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