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  1. Hi again, just to let you know: In the meantime I got answer to my pm from Bulldog (EU-Support) with the offering sending my a new Bios chip. Very friendly. But, I got already 3 of those chips, as already mentioned earlier in this thread. (Needless to say, without success) My MoBo is still on RMA and I have not idea how long this will take. I have sent all the stuff (including original box, manual, CD, cables, Sound module etc.) back, in the hope to get a new one after this short period of use. However, I am suffering from lack of time and bought another (hopefully better) MoBo. Maybe, I will sell the repaired/replaced MoBo on ebay. Cheers. nin PS: I will report further on.
  2. Hi wevsspot, Thanks for concern. :-) The online store (alternate.de) said they have 147 pieces on stock and will possibly send me another stocked one after the technical control. I hope this is true. Actually, I am not that interested in getting a refurbished 'overclocker champion' MoBo for my 3 weeks old part. Should I pay close attention to anything before or after RMA? I will report further on. Cheers nin
  3. Hi again, Now I have it black on white. My not even 2 weeks old DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D is DEAD! Needless to say anything more... Cheers nin PS: Is Bulldog on holiday?
  4. Hi wevsspot, No, I haven't. Yes. Cheers nin
  5. Hi again, Nearly 24 h proper CMOS clear. Only MoBo, #2 RAM, CPU, GFX, PSU, CD: Same as before, but again 4 LED's. Actually, as expected. I have pm Bulldog, but no answer yet. Actually I have no that much time for RMA. Regards nin
  6. OK lowboy, I will do this right now. Thanks. nin
  7. Hi again, What a nice sunny day. The German football team is in the World cup's Quarter Final, which is tomorrow. This is my day. Or not? I finally got my second RAM module yesterady and today I got the three chips bought from biosflash.com. Very good site, fast delivery, reasonable prices and a battery for free! Removed the old BIOS chip easily with my PLCC-Tong. Plugged in the new one with the flashed 704-2BTA. OK. One single RAM module in DIMM2, Short CMOS Flash, Start..... AND? Nothing! But now 4 LED's in red! All is like before, but one LED more! Wow. I removed the HDD and was trying to start the system with CD drive only. Nothing. What the hell happens with my system? I can't believe it. I have changed nothing before the unsuccessfull Bios flash. Please help! Regards nin
  8. Hi again, Just a short report: After a 36 hour CMOS clear - same as before. Thus, I ordered 3 chips from biosflash.com with 704-2BTA 623-2 406 I bought another 1GB OCZ Titanium RAM. I hope this will help :-) Cheers nin
  9. Thank you very much Gipse, now I have another new option. Cheers nin
  10. Thanks soundx98 for reply and for sharing your experience. Hehe. I believe Tmod is not hooked to deliver chips to Germany? :-) Ok. I will give the fine MoBo a second chance for 24 hours. That's what I was hoping to hear from somebody. Now I am feeling a lot better. Strange. I was not able to flash 3 different BIOSes from that Boot CD because of write failure. The 704-2B was my first try. Maybe Bulldog can give me an info in this regard? I will try to draw his attention to this thread... Great help so far, soundx98. Cheers, nin
  11. Hi kirby, Thanks for your reply. I am not sure, how to answer, though. To a) I am outside US. Anyway, If I should have no other option, I will buy a new Mobo. To B) My HDD is perfect, checked with HDD Regenerator, which has similarities to SpinRite, I believe. To c) Just one HDD atm. Btw, It is actually my wifes PC. :-) To d) I am sorry but I have a counter question. How do I force the BIOS to re-acquire the properties of the hard drive? I cannot enter the BIOS, because it is just not booting. All is black. Thanks for help! nin .
  12. Hi again, Thanks soundx98 for your help. I think I will try to contact Bulldog asap. But one single question I have just now. After following ExRoadie's finde guide how to clear CMOS properly, I am curious to know, If a 24 hours CMOS clear could have any better result as my 8 hours try. In what way is a 24 hours CMOS clear different? That's what I am curious at the moment. I do not see at least a BIOS chesum error or any sign of a chance to reawaken the BIOS boot screen. Do I have to buy another MoBo or is there any theoretical chance to get the BIOS to boot at least? Just to have an idea to calculate my position. Thanks in advance. nin PS: To the Mods involved: I really think you are doing a good job. But hopefully it is not expected from me to answer to these "intellectual effusions". I deeply apologize.
  13. Why not increasing the delay to 1 or 2 seconds? Might be worth... Cheers nin
  14. Hello, First of all, welcome in the football world cup round of sixteen, hehe :-) Really just an idea, but have you tried this BIOS option "Delay for HDD" within the "BIOS Advanced options"? This field is used to select the time that would delay the HDD controller's initial time. This is specially useful for some HDD's which will not be ready at first boot when you power on the system. Just an idea, I am waiting for help in another case... :-) Regards nin
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