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  1. s0z i was having a bad moment, gf an stuff...
  2. WOW, building a pc is so fun! I bet you cant wait! Building a pc is such a great and rewarding experience!
  3. I have the same problem with windows media player 10, it seems this is because i am running an illegal copy of xp :S... DOes music play normal? I fixed my issue by using winamp.. have u tried using winamp?
  4. Hey guys Recently I have been trying to find a solution for running Kingston RAM on a LANparty mobo. I dont know if you all know this or not, but i was never told about this solution. So i will post this for anyone with kingston RAM wanting to run their pc normally. First enter your BIOS Then Genie BIOS setting >DRAM Config..... press enter to enter new menu DRAM Frequency Set (MHZ).............. from 200 to 166 Then save and exit. This worked on my pc and i hope that this is of use (if not, well... okay) t0rdenskjold
  5. Why dont you just open your case evertime you have to start you pc? like are we talking one of those little doors you have to open to get to your optical drives and stuff?
  6. What are your issues brother? and i am now stuck between these two.. the silverstone is recommended i believe but i really like the cable system of the hiper. What do you guys recommend http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=1528 http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=5664
  7. I am going to buy a new PSU for my case as i currently have a crappy 430W Thermaltake running on my mobo and i believe that is causing some issues. I was unable to find anything about this PSU http://pccasegear.com/prod3519.htm can someone tell me if this would be compatible. I am pretty sure it would be, but i just wanna be sure..
  8. what you reckon of this? RAM- http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=3011 PSU- http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=5990 EDIT: oh yeh and the problems only occur when i dont use the boot disc...
  9. you still didnt answer it (or i just didnt get it)... see why then does a tiny little floppy disc help? if my memory is screwed and my psu is to low then shouldnt it run unstable even with a BIOS flash? liek i get no problems with any games or anythign when i use the boot disc..
  10. but how does that explain why my pc runs fine when i flash my bios on starup.. but i have to update my BIOS everytime i start up for my computer to run... then it runs great.. like 6000marks in 3dmark05...
  11. i remember i could use my pc with a 20pin but i recommend not, it made my system even more unstable than it currently is..
  12. i have recieved this check sumerror.. i cannot remember when or how.. if i remember i will tell you....
  13. I hooked everythign up right, but that doesnt explain why my computer works fine when i use the dual core update (or flash BIOS) on start up... or does it?
  14. okay well i guess i wil get the upgrades all i need now is the money... anyone?
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