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  1. I was looking around to see what others HTT is maxing out at on the Ultra-D but couldn't find any info with the searches. I know everyones results vary but I can't get past 326 HTT stable with my board, curious what others are maxing out at since I need to squeeze 10 more Mhz for the 3G club... My last board would scale over 350 HTT
  2. Very nice results at that voltage :cool:
  3. Thanks guys, that's what it is. Thanks for the link, that's a good read. It was coocking at 70C since there was no airflow there after changing to water cooling. :eek:
  4. This is my first DFI board and I noticed an extra temperature sensor on this board. I'm not sure exactly where it is but it's located close to the RAM. I first noticed it when I added a fan to cool my RAM. The sensors temp dropped from 70C to 50C. What is this sensor for and what is the normal temp for this area of the motherboard?
  5. Hi guys, Right now I'm running two computers, one is my main while the other my wife uses and I use mainly for a file server, it has three harddrives in it right now, I would like to get an external storage solution for my Gigabit network. Specifically one where I can put my other two harddrives in to free up my 2nd PC. Is there something on the market similar to a mini tower where I can add my harddrives and access them over my network? Gigabit capability is a must for me as I deal with a lot of large files. I don’t want to spend a grand just for a solution, I could build another computer at that price.
  6. I don't know how much my OC increased by delidding on the DFI Motherboard, I'm able to hit 322x9 stable at 40c +/- 1C aiming for 334x9 but having a hard time getting HTT stable over 328Mhz at my current settings. On my last Motherboard (Epox 9NPA3 Ultra) I got an exta 80Mhz out of the chip after delidding, but the motherboard Vcore was unstable and couldn't get over 2.7Ghz. My original temps where 47-52C before Delidding. so i got about 7-10C drop. Ambient Temperature will make a big difference too, right now it's 24.4C in my room and the CPU is at 39C (full load on both cores for the past 3 hours) I'm on H2O
  7. Yes, I have considered the PSU, Termaltake isn't the best brand but their TR2 series with dual 12V rails isn't that bad. I'm not running SLI or fancy lights. I'm still prime stable, before I wouldn't even post. I'd say I was having a Memory Timing problem not a Power Problem because it's working fine after changing my timings. (Knock on wood)
  8. Gotcha, thanks I'll post results this weekend, I'm going to run 2.9Ghz until then to confirm stability, so far no hickups using 2x Prime95
  9. is A64 Tweaker a good way to try different settings on the fly?
  10. I haven't ran any Benchmarks or Games since 2.7Ghz, I'm going to let it prime for about 8 hours and if there ar no errors I'll run benchmarks and then Game a while. Right now I'm at: HTT 322 RAM 242 CPU 2900 I'm trying to hit 3Ghz so I need 10Mhz more HTT, that'll put my ram at 250Mhz, my problem is that my ram only goes stable at these timings up to 245Mhz. Any suggestions on what RAM Timings I should focus on to try and squeeze a few more Mhz out of it? -Sausage
  11. Thanks for the reply, I still can't get it to boot windows at 133 2/3 Divider or It'll boot as normal and show the Post screen but right before it gets to the point where the BIOS performs the self Backup it'll reboot. I was able to get it to start windows with a 140 7/10 Divider but it's strange because I cannot see the RAM Mhz in CPU-Z. Is this normal? I'm just booted with the 150 Divider at HTT 320 and everything works, mem is at 240 Mhz I like this setting so far and if it prime95's I'll be a happy camper, ahh 120 more mhz for 3Ghz. :drool: Thanks for the help, changing those settings definately made a difference as I couldn't boot at that divider earlier. -Sausage
  12. Hi Guys, new to the forum but I have been reading for some time, thanks for all the great info here! I just got this DFI board a few days to aid me in overclocking my Opteron 165, before I was using an EPOX EP-9NPA3 Ultra and the VCore Voltage was too unstable to get me over 2.7Ghz. (Having this problem on my Dual Core only works fine with my 3200+ Venice) HTT goes over 350 on the EPOX board with amazing ease. I'm having a bit tougher time getting this high with the DFI and need help fine tuning it. I finally found settings that let me go to HTT 325 with stability, I'm running at HTT 320 to be on the safe side. Fully Prime 95 stable at: HTT 320 CPU Multi x9 for 2880Mhz 100 1/2 Ram Divider <--- This is my Problem Ok, here is the thing, now if I try to turn up my Ram Divider from 100 1/2 to ANY other setting the System won't Boot (Reboots Before the BIOS Backup Line) I can't do 3/5 2/3 or any other setting. When I Change the Divider to anything else I'm having problems getting HTT to go over HTT 265, the Divider is the only setting I'm changing. What am I missing? Even when my ram is below 200Mhz changing the divider fails my Overclock. My complete settings for stable HTT 320, 9x Multiplier, 2/1 Divider are as Follows: Genie: FSB Bus Frequency 320Mhz LDT/FSB Brequency Ratio: x3 LDT Bus Transfer Width: 16, 16 CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio: x9 PCI eXpress: 100Mhz Cool n Quiet: Disabled CPU VID StartUp Value 1.425v CPU VID Control: 1.425v CPU VID Special Control: 110% LDT Voltage Control: 1.4V Chip Set Voltage: 1.6v DRAM Voltage: 2.7v DRAM+ .03v: Disable DRAM Config: DRAM Frequency Set: 100 01/02 CPC: Enable Tcl: 3 Trcd: 4 Tras: 6 Trp: 3 Trc: 8 Trfc: 12 Trrd: 2 Twr: 2 Twtr: 2 Trwt: 3 Tref: 3120 Odd Divisor Correct: Disable DRAM Bank Interleave: Enabled DQS Skew: Auto DQS Skew Value: 0 DRAM Drive Strength: LVL 3 DRAM Data Drive Strength: LVL 1 Max Async Latency: Auto DRAM Response Time: Fastest Read Preamble Time: Auto IdleCycle Limit: 256 Dynamic Counter: Disabled R/W Queue Bypass: 16x Bypass Max 07x 32 Byte Granularity: Disable(4 Bursts) I'm getting to my wits end, I have tried many changes, one at a time with no success. Any comments would be appreciated. -Sausage
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