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  1. Ok i bought a dremel. well the draper equivalent. I had a practice on an old case. Its a tough job and quite time consuming. I found that if i tryed to do it quick the blades just disintergrated. Maybe im doing it wrong. Gonna have a go at real thing tomorrow so any tips would be appreciated. What im actually doing is putting a blow hole in top for now.
  2. Hi im thinking of putting a case fan in the top of my pc case. Only trouble is theres no hole there to put a fan. What tool shouldi use to cut a hole for a fan and how easy would it be to do. Not quite sure what material it is. Its only a cheap case though and its some kind of metal. Thanks for any helpyou can give
  3. Hi i have recently upgraded from a pci voodoo 5 5500 to a connect 3d radeon 9600xt. I seem to be having difficulty installing it though. I always get a secondary adapter installed to. There is only physically the radeon in the computer. I have enclosed screenshot to show you what i mean. If i click remove for this secondary adapter it just gets installed again on next reboot. Anyone got any ideas cos i cant enable agp texture acceleration in dxdiag either. It says its unavailable. I have read good things about my card but at moment wish i had just stuck with old reliable voodoo. Thanks for your help
  4. thing is if my comp runs at that high temps it just keeps crashing. Do you think maybe something wrong with my processor. Basicly i think 50 is the very maximum it will stay stable at
  5. No not that bad. My comp is cool enough. I dont want to get into the pc temps conversations cos i had all them before. Its just that for my comp to be cool there needs to be a big case and loud fans. Company made comps seem to get away with small cases and quiet fans. I just cant work out how
  6. Hi i run an athlon xp 2400+ and have considerable trouble cooling it. I just wonder how companys such as tiny keep the processors in their machines cool. Their pcs are always in tiny cases with a tiny case fan or no case fan and they are very quiet unlike my tornado 11 powered beast. All my friends comps are still under warranty so i cant go looking inside them. Anyone know the secret?
  7. Hi im currently using a volcano 11 to cool my athlon 2400+. This fan however is just too noisy. Even at 3500rpm it annoys me. I dare not overclock it cos the noise is too much. What quiet but efficient fans would you suggest. Thanks all
  8. just like to say thanks again to all for replies. My questions have been answered.
  9. Hi i am finally going to update my graphics card. I currently have an ancient voodoo 5 pci 5500. It has been a good card but i just have too much trouble with drivers and it has trouble coping with sims such as ms flight sim 2002 and combat flight sim 3. My question is i have an agp 4x slot on my motherboard. All the graphics cards ive looked at are agp 8x. Do agp 8x cards work on 4x ports and is it worth getting an 8x card. Also if anyone has any card recommendations i would greatly appreciate them. Im currently looking at geforce chipset as i have read these are very good. Well thanks in advance folks
  10. I read on the uk amd site that xp 2400+ runs at about 60 degrees so these temps shouldnt be problem. Thing is when mine gets above 50 system becomes unstable. Do you think this could be faulty processor. It could be that im still using sd ram so may be a bit of astruggle. I am gonna get some ddr but cant really AFFORD IT AT THE MOE. What do you think.
  11. Just to let you know your not the only one. Im having trouble with Athlon XP 2400+. Out of interest where are you located and have you got air con. Im in England and so do not. Let me know if you get any results. Ive installed lots more fans but to no avail and am using volcano 11 fan and heatsink
  12. It is on normal i think. I dont know how to change all that vcore stuff so as far as i know its all on normal settings
  13. Hi all, I recently bought an asrock mobo with athlon xp 2400+. I am having great difficulty with cooling it. I scrapped the standard hetasink and fan which was an aerocool. I now have volcano 11. Bloody hell what a noisy thing. I thought it would be the end of my cooling problems but i was wrong. Its just added to them cos i cant stand the noise. Im trying to run it at about half speed but it just aint doing the job. Just being on the net its running at 40
  14. http://vcool.occludo.net/ This is the website for it
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