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  1. Hello First, check the system log for any errors in the HDD controller (m5288 I think it is called). I do get some kind of hard disk lag that is not reported as an error. However my system has numerous problems, so that could be anything. As I said, check the error log first. Good luck Sean
  2. It's a different way of measuring HT speed between Opterons and Athlons. They are virtually identical processors. The only difference is the name that they report to Windows etc and the name etched onto the surface of the chip. I think people were speculating on whether the Optys had slightly better silicon so they could be run constantly in high stress server environments, but I don't know if we ever reached a conclusion. I think the 2000mhx HT is probably just a different way of marketing Atlhons. The Opteron is slightly better (it has a cooler name too!).
  3. Hello. Don't you need two different polls? So you can compare problems with cache sizes etc. I keep thinking that we aren't properly looking at what gives some people the issue and others not.
  4. Lots of people run Opterons on this board, but DFI officially don't support it at the request of AMD. They are almost, if not totally, identical to certain Athlons anyway, but with a different name. Just make sure you get a socket 939 and not 940
  5. Hello. I have had the issue where the system hard locks after booting for a long time now. It does not happen if you press restart right after the first POST buzzer sound. Not perfect, but it seems to work.
  6. hello Comicdom. Hope you had a good christmas (if you celebrate it that is ) I'm aware of the ultra-high quality of PC P&C powersupplies, but I'm also aware of the price. I think I will seriously study my options later today (Tuesday). Obviously the PSU could be down to the complete loss of stability, even though I still have other issues like the hard lock problem. Sean
  7. Yeah I realise that. I'm considering which PSU I can get. It will (probably) become the power supply for my lower spec backup system that I intend to build.
  8. Hi everyone The reasons I am pointing the finger at the motherboard are as follows: 1. The other molex connected devices appear to be functioning normally. (fans, LCD display, floppy drive, DVD drive before it died) 2. The DVD drive only died once I had changed the channel on which it was working. 3. I have tested a spare HDD on the molex connectors but using a PCI IDE card. It apparently worked fine. I have not completely cleared the PSU. My inexplicable loss in overclocked stability, plus the fact that the damn system isn't even Prime stable at stock speeds makes me suspicious. My problem is that I don't have a reasonable replacement PSU, and I can't get one easily at this time of year. (if anyone wants to send me an Etasis 850 they are more than welcome .) I will think about more test tomorrow. I will check the spare hard drive in as many configurations as I can. Obviously the only way I will prove anything is if it breaks, but it's only 2gb anyway. thanks for all you ideas, please tell me if you can suggest anything.
  9. Do you mean after they went pop and started to smell funny? I think I know what you mean: that the drives may have been badly kept etc before I reinstalled them. However I think that the death of the HP DVD drive which was already installed proves that there is something going on inside the system. (Both the power and data cables were changed to allow for the HDD)
  10. I only have one PSU which is the Silverstone in my sig. There are others in the house but they either dont belong to me or I wouldn't trust them with any dual core CPU. I am really shocked that it seems to be a motherboard problem. Any chance it could be an IDE cable? I don't remember which cable I used when the first two drives broke. Although I agree that it seems really strange, the drives all died within seconds of power-up. (Although I didn't hear the DVD drive go). Therefore, I don't think it is due to a long running problem with the way the drives were being treated in the system.
  11. Ok. Here is the situation: I installed a PCI IDE controller card. Using a molex cale that was apparently stable, I attached an old Quantum Sirocco HDD. I booted the system and the drive worked. When I entered Windows the system hard locked - i forgot to restart after the post beep. I restarted and installed the drivers via USB as I didn't want to risk another CD drive. So, anybody know how it is possible for an IDE controller to damage connected drives? And by the way, this board has caused nothing but problems. I can take bugs here and there, but this is a joke. DFI will hear about this soon.
  12. Yeah that's what i feared. Anybody want to buy some Maxtor branded paper-weights?
  13. Hi thanks for the fast reply. Do you know if Silverstone have any responsibility for the equipment its PSU has destroyed? I can't understand how only the 4 Pin molex connectors seem to be affected. The floppy drive works, the fans work, the SATA connected drives work. I guess it could be a problem with the PSU rail that supplies the 4pin connectors... But the voltages are stable?
  14. Hi everyone, and merry christmas. This may be a long post, please bear with me; I have the following problems: 1. Hard lock after cold boot -> I usually restart after the POST beep and the system works 2. Recent instability at overclocked speeds. I was previously Prime stable for 6 hours at 2.7ghz. 3. Prime unstable at STOCK speeds, fails instantly. However, Memtest stable after 7 hours testing. 4. I have lost three (yes, 3) hard disks on my IDE controller. All three have gone snap crackle and pop. 5. DVD drive went the same way, making me certain that it wasn't static. (the HDDs had been in anti static bags for some time). So: Are my recent problems caused by my £90 (thats nearly $180 USD!) Silverstone PSU? The hard lock issue is simply the mobo, but the rest is caused by power supply problems? How can I test without risking more hardware? (I have taken a multimeter to the PSU, the voltages seemed rock solid 12.10v, 5.03v etc) this is pi**ing me off. No system over Christmas :mad: thanks
  15. Thanks again for all those tips! I have managed to make it unstable even at stock now, which is funny in one way and depressing in others. I'm anxious to get my new XP Pro delivered, then I think I will get a Raptor and start from scratch with that, just hammering the system until it is stable again. Only then will I install programs and games. I will keep everyone here up to date if I find out anything interesting. thanks again
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