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  1. Cheers for your help guys! just can't wait to get building to be honest!
  2. Hey guys! With the new release of the Intel Coe 2 Duo E6600, I just wondered whether DFI make any motherboards that are compatible as I've heard not many are! I was originally goin to build a system using an Opteron 165, but reckon the E6600 will perfrom much better, agreed?? Thanks for your help! Mike!
  3. Thanks for all the class advice and i have now come up with a final setup...so u reckon this should do the job? XION Solaris Silver Steel Mid Tower Gaming Case AMD Athlon Opteron 165 DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D ATI Sapphire Radeon X850 XT 256Mb OCZ Gold Series Gamer Extreme 2GB DDR PC4000 500Mhz 250 GB Western Digital Caviar SE16 SATA2 7200rpm FSP 500W Blue Storm / FSP Epsilon FX600-GLN 600W (if i can get one cheap ) 2 * LG GSA-H10BAL Black DVD +/-R/RW 19" GNR TS902W 8ms Silver/Black TFT Widescreen Multimedia Monitor Creative Labs Inspire 5.1 P5800 Logitech Mx1000 Laser Cordless Mouse Cheers again for all your help!!!
  4. Sorry...one more thing!! Are opterons definitely better than the x2's, as the cheapest i can find an opteron 165 for is £230, running normally at 1.8 GHz, whereas the x2 4200+ runs at 2.2 GHz. Would i therefore need a better heatsink and fan to make sure the CPU stays cool? I was looking at the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro? Cheers Mike!
  5. Cheers for the info so far!! So if i were to buy 2 of the ocz ram cards (costing £120) i have listed would that be alright? Or is there a better, cheaper option? Also, is a FSP BlueStorm 500W gonna do the job and at £55 is it a good deal? Thanks again! Mike!
  6. Hey guys! I am pretty confident when it comes to using a computer, but must admit that my knowledge with building PC's isn't exactly extensive! My project for this summer is to build a really nice PC for mainly working (i.e CAD software e.t.c) but also a fair bit of gaming as well! I've heard that a DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D are the muts knuts, alhtough not ideal for beginners. The only problem is that i have worked while being at uni this year to get enough money to buy this, and being a student i dont really want to buy more than one motherboard. Do you think I'd be alright getting this motherboard along with the spec below, and using it to pretty much learn to overclock! I understand that it may take a while to get it running stabily, but I am definitely patient enough to give it a go! Any honest opinions on the motherboard and the spec below would be greatly appreciated! DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-d AMD Athlon 4200+ X2 ATI Sapphire Radeon X850 XT 256Mb Sansun Black True 500W 20/24pin PSU Western Digital WD2500KS Caviar SE 250GB OCZ Performance 1024MB DDR400 PC3200 (single stick) Samsung SM913N 19" TFT 2 * LG GSA-H10ABAL DVD-RW Thanks again guys! Mike!
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