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  1. to me, the xbox 360 is just a souped up xbox. don't blast me about how much FASTER it is, because no ., everything is faster. the Wii is totally new and original. the ps3 has six-axis and the new cell technology and blu-ray. In my opinion, the 360 is just not innovative enough
  2. thanks a lot, that's exactly what i wanted to hear!
  3. I've been looking at this card, since TomsHardware insists it's the best deal anyone can get for a new video card today. Sooo, I've learned that it's pixel shaders are amazing and it's speed is really good for it's price. I also learned that 256mb is bad. I want the card for Oblivion, which i now uses a lot of big tex's, so i was wondering if anyone thinks the 256mb will be enough of a prob to make me change my mind. I'd hate it if after spending 250 i still had to stutter through obliv.
  4. watch for the refresh rates, and resolution
  5. that is fricken awesome. i'm so jealous i'm thinking about bombing your house... maybe... well not really, but i'm still jealous. great job!
  6. alrighty, it seems like the ram is fine, ran several passes of memtest then orthos for a few hours. I'm wondering if the ram could be too fast for the processor. Theoretically, the highest effective ram speed would be 533, at a cpu FSB of 133 (i think), so maybe 667 is slowing it down? what do you think?
  7. they are in dual-channel, and both sticks show up in cpu-z. plus i've run super-pi 16M a few times. I haven't run memtest yet since I get online at the library(like now), but i'm downloading it and plan to use it. i kinda thought if the mem was bad then the computer would crash, i didn't realize that could make it lag...
  8. I am totally and utterly dumb-founded. anyone who read my sig. yesterday would have laughed in mocking derision of my 256mb of samsung no name ram.(pc 2100) now, i've upgraded to 2- 1 gig sticks of gskill running at ddr2 667 (mobo prevents it from 800). the initial latencies were terrible, but i changed them to 4-4-4-10, yet my computer lags in games when it didn't before. it's actually kinda sad... i'm sure there's some yes/no option in bios that i screwed up, so if anyone can think of a problem PLEASE tell me. thanks
  9. This ram is on sale at newegg with a rebate, and seems pretty cheap. OCZ seems to be rated pretty well at this site, but the reviews on newegg weren't overly promising. I plan to use the ram with a c2d in the future, for 3d modelling and compiling (blender and devc++). I don't want the best available, but i want it pretty good. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227139 thanks for your input!
  10. i'm also looking at this ram, the reviews on newegg aren't promising...
  11. that computer is SICK! i can't wait to read the article! (which i'll do right now!
  12. it's a pain. it physically hurts me.
  13. check out planeshift. it's a 3d mmorpg. pretty fun, but still in development. it's open source too so i like that it's constantly being upgraded. nearly every weak!
  14. ok, so the above one has poor flow rate, what should i look for to make sure it's a good deal? is there a way to see what the pressure is? and what are the important factors that i should look for when shopping? thanks
  15. i'd agree with you, that the buzzing is the death throes of the fan. if replacing it doesn't fix the buzz, well at least the temps'll be lower
  16. thanks, i guess i'll be saving up a bit longer. those led's look sick, and the temp read out was cool, but performance is way more important...
  17. This seems ridiculously cool, it's a Kingwin aquastar. I plan to use it with the pentium 805 and hope it'll do the job well, but thought i better check with the experts before i buy it, in case theirs some reason it's not a good deal or theirs something better for my needs... but check it out, the led's are cool, and that's a sick discount! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835124007
  18. ******* awesome! that was an inspiration
  19. thanks guys, you were right, after remounting the fan it booted up fine. Using the stock cooler i got it from 2.6 to 2.8 ghz. not bad, but once i get a new fan!!!! the reason it took so long for me to report was because i had to reformat y hardrive and reinstall windows xp. i'm reeally glad its working now though
  20. thanks, i'll definitely check it out. I did have difficulty mounting the fan, and i didn't use a paste in between. is the paste absolutely neccesarry? because i plan on upgrading to a better fan when i have the money, and i think it might be best to wait... all ideas are appreciated!
  21. what would happen if the connection for the power button was wrong? when i put my comp together there was a lot of confusion over that, but i think it is correct, because the computer turns on, it just turns off after 8 seconds... anyways i made a thread asking about it so please reply in either place
  22. when i first turned on my computer my jaw dropped at the number of high pitched beeps, but I put in ram, and voila! The ram is from my e-machines, obviously not that good, but it works, and i've tested it with memtest. Samsung DDR PC2100 256MB The videocard is also something that i've used before, so i believe that isn't where the problem arises Radeon 7500 (agp slot) These other components are new and untested, Hiper 580 watt powersupply Modular Type R Asrock 775dual-VSTA supports DDR 400 and DDR2 667 Pentium D 805 I plugged everything in but when i turn on the computer the screen stays blank, for 7-ish seconds then beeps and the CPU fan turns off. interestingly the keyboard stays lit as well as the PSU. I found however, if i pressed the F1 key (along with all the other F-keys because i couldn't remember which one was bios) the screen would fade from black into the bios screen probably because the moniter was in sleep mode. While in the bios i checked that the voltage's were high enough, and if anything they were a little above the neccesary (ie 12 was 12.06). then it would shut off. i tried again and after 6-9 seconds in the bios it shuts off. I don't have time to change anything nor hardly read anything. i'm frusterated, confused and interested by these strange results. hopefully they won't be that strange to the vet's here who I'm now begging to help me, PLEASE!!!
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