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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm surprised a 500W Antec Smartpower wouldn't be enough...especially since I'm not using an SLI rig and when I do OC I rarely raise the voltage much. However, I have heard people say that the antec smartpowers are notorious for dying.
  2. Should I leave them at 200mhz or drop down the divider a little?
  3. Another question I thought of. How do I see what bios version I have? (It would be whatever came with the board in October 2005). Can I flash my bios without a floppy drive?
  4. Oh, here's the exact kind of RAM that I purchased. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145596
  5. Hmm, that board is cluttered, but I'll try my best to find something similar to my system.
  6. I have already cleared the CMOS via the jumper. I don't think I chose any kind of optimized settings though. One other thing. I booted up into Safe mode just fine. However, if I try safemode with Networking, my mouse (usb mouse) doesn't work.
  7. Both sticks are stable in the far orange slot on memtest. However, it will not let me put both in at the same time. I had to reinstall windows as it got corrupted somehow. I tried fixbooting and fixmbr'ing it, but got nothing. Well last night I had it all reinstalled, and I let it download and install SP2 for Windows XP while I slept. I got up this morning, told it to restart as it was done updating, and WHAMO it was back to a corrupted windows install. I'll try running memtest for longer on both sticks. Could it possibly have somethign to do with an unstable powersupply? I've heard of people having problems with the Antec Smartpowers. Oh, my ram timings. Just the basic 3337 1T settings. I didn't mess with anything else. I have them back at stock settings right now (3338).
  8. So I was playing some games earlier yesterday, when suddenly I got the dreaded BSOD. I restart the computer, and suddenly I get a long beep from the case speaker followed by silence for a good 2 seconds, then a long beep again, over and over. Looking at the diagnostic lights on the mobo (on the bottom of the board if you're looking down into the case) I see that 3 lights are lit up, meaning that it got stuck when checking the RAM. For Reference, I had the two sticks of ram in the first and third slot if you go from the CPU. I pull out the slot 1 stick, and it posts just fine. I swap out the sticks (still putting the one stick in slot 3) and it posts fine. So it doesn't seem like the RAM is the problem. So I start to mess around with it, and lo and behold I find that ONLY slot 3 recognizes the RAM, and if I try putting a stick in another slot (regardless if there is a stick in slot 3), I get the long beeps. Any suggestions? Yes I overclock, but not by a ton. Most of my voltages are default, or slightly above. Off the top of my head the ram was at the default setting (2.6V right?). Thanks in advance for any suggestions guys. Oh, the BSOD message mentioned "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"
  9. Hey folks. I installed Mobo monitor to check my temps, but I can't find my particular motherboard in the list. Does anyone know of a good moitoring tool for windows?
  10. Yep, replaced the fan last night. Only had a couple of problems. One was that my chipset had gotten so hot that the old fan was literally cooked onto the chip. I had to do some slight twisting to get it off....almost like an oreo! Second was that I had taken some benodryll about an hour earlier, so I was suddenly very very drowsy towards the end. Everything went well though. Took me longer to take out and replace the board then it did to actually install the new fan. Thanks for all the help guys.
  11. Huzzah. You get a cookie, thank you.
  12. Hey Folks, This is my first post here, go easy on me. Anyways, i've had my mobo (Ultra-D) for about 8 months. Great board, lots of features...a tweakers wetdream. Anyways, I noticed lately that my games were starting to really really get choppy. I couldn't figure out what it was, until I happened to glance at my temperatures. My chipset temp was at 75C, and the fan was reading 0rpm. So I've tried messing with the fan, cleaning it, etc. Sometimes it will spin up, sometimes it won't. And even when it does spin up, it's not very fast at all. So anyone have any suggestions for fixing/replacing it? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Any recommendations for a 3rd party cooler if I can't fix it? Thanks for any advice and tips guys. Oh, my system is currently OC'ed some...but not much. Currently my settings are 225x9. Voltages are all stock except for the CPU, which is at 1.4V.
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