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  1. If you get a P5B or P5B Deluxe you can unlock the multipliers down on all core 2 duo proccesors with the new bios. I have my E6600 running at 3.2ghz using the deluxe board
  2. The only problem i've ever had is that 2 of the sata ports are unlocked. Whatever your problem is is probably a specific problem that can be fixed.
  3. Theoratically you should be able to hook the speakers directly to your sound card BUT the sound levels may not be enough. A tuner would work well to amplify the signal or a sound card like the X-Fi.
  4. No I believe its a limitation of the physical controller so no unless you got a sata 2 pci card (which would be pointless as you'd hit the limit on the pci slot anyway) the only way to get sata 2 is upgrade the board or go nforce4(probably more than your willing to do).
  5. This sounds just like my brothers board but it wasnt a DFI board it was an asus nforce4 sli board. It wouldnt run in dual channel at all and the settings reset everytime you pulled the power from the computer. He eventually took that board out and got a DFI under my advice . Hes been running fine ever since. I'd suggest that the board is faulty and the best action would be to rma it or get whoever sold it to you to replace it.
  6. This allows you to download the full game of Fear: Combat, the multiplayer version of Fear. Theoratically if you had a copy of Fear you could get a serial and use it with it and then update and you'd have SP and MP for free.
  7. Have you tried setting ALL the timings in your bios then running the ram at 240 and the cpu at 2.6ghz or whatever. Thats what did it for me. My ram is running at like 210 and my cpu is running at 2.4ghz
  8. Try setting all the memory timings manually and see if that helps. That was the only way i could effectivley get a divider to work for me.
  9. By grey compound do you mean thermal compound if so that doesnt sound right at all because that would mean a fan has fallen off or something. I havent got an intel board but that doesnt sound right
  10. 1280*1024, i got a 19" lcd so any suggestions would be helpful
  11. Assuming i get a 7900GT instead i can get an extra 2 320 gig sata drives and a E6600 which would be better me thinks
  12. In about 7 or 8 weeks i plan on picking up this lot, what do you guys reckon? SilverStone ST60F 600 Watt Power Supply, SLI ready, Titanium black, $189.00 ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe NFORCE4-SLI, S775,1066 FSB, PCI EX16x2, Glan, 13, $299.00 Albatron GeForce 7950GX2 1GBDDR3 Dual-GPUs Dual DVI TVO PCI-Express, $819.00 DDR2 2048MB(2x1G)PC6400 800Mhz Green Heatspreader G.Skill, $285.00 Intel ATX E6400 CORE 2 DUO /2.13GHz/2MB CACHE/1066FSB/LGA775, $357.00 Total $1949.00 I know prices may have changed in about a month or two but overall do you think that this machine is good and the parts i picked all compatiable? This is in Australian prices as well just in case you guys didnt know.
  13. Im using Windows Media Center for my media pc, its basically the same as XP Pro except theres a program called Media Center you can get to run at startup if you want. Has support for more tv tuners, etc so i'd suggest XP + MediaPortal as Mediaportal is free and has tons of plugins and stuff for it.
  14. I'd suggest setting a divider and pump your FSB up. Manaually set all the timings and hopefully you'll be able to get your cpu up pretty high and your ram running at stock as your running 4 sticks. I had my 3000+ running 4 sticks at like 260 FSB with a 3:4 divider. It ran the ram at like around 170 but it seemed faster than non overclocked. Also run 2T as fragman suggested
  15. Try changing bios, mine locked to this exact frequency no matter what I did on a certain bios.
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