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  1. well temp 2 idles around 45, but under load goes up to about 60. temp3 idles high 40s and goes to around 53-58 under load. My 7900gt hangs over my chipset fan though so I would expect that to be a little hot.
  2. oh alright, thanks a bunch chipset temps under 60 are fine right?
  3. Hey guys, I am fairly new to the program Speedfan and I noticed it had 3 temps. I'm assuming the first is the cpu because it goes up about 6-8 degrees when I am doing tests, but what are the other two temps?
  4. long cmos clear didn't work, I think something might be dead
  5. yeah I didn't take out the keyboard or ram the first time so I did it again, but only for like 30 min and it didnt work so I just did it again and I'll let it sit all night and hopefully it will work in the morning
  6. I didn't take off the HSF and CPU yet, i thought you didn't have to do that to clear the CMOS, but I will do that now.
  7. out of case on the soft pad that my mobo came on, I tried to boot once while in the case though and then I took it out when it didn't work.
  8. well the amber light comes on when I turn on the PSU, so yeah nothing happens when I press the power button (to make sure that I am not a retard, it is the bottom button next to the FAN4 connector and case LED connectors, yes?) I only have the CPU fan plugged in, and it doesnt turn on.
  9. none of the diagnostic LEDs turn on, just the yellow standby power one and yes I have only been booting with CPU, heatsink, 1 stick of RAM and GPU
  10. So I followed the wonderful guide http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20832 I've tried both sticks of ram and different power cables and nothing has worked. My CPU fan connector is plugged in and my power to my video card is plugged in. All 4 power connectors on that thread are plugged in as well. One interesting thing is that when I turn on the power to my PSU, the LED1 on the mobo turns on. So does that mean that both my PSU and mobo work and now it could only be my video card, RAM or CPU that is defective (if something is defective)? Thanks for the help! Also my rig is in my sig
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