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  1. sorry to bump an old topic, but I have questions about ram timing... On my POST screen, it says: 3, 3, 8, 3. And my ram is suposed to be 2 - 3 - 3 - 6 at 2.75V's. Is it A B C D and A B D C? I can't remember which two are transposed. Thank you. EDIT: I think I got it... I changed: Tcl: 2 Trcd: 3 Tras: 6 Trp: 3 Is that right? for 2 - 3 - 3 - 6? Also, should I just leave the other timmings where they are? or change them; too? Thanks.
  2. I Voyager

    Having some weird problems.

    I have all the updates downloaded. And they still come, also it is on "Notify me, but don't intsall" And, I'm on SP2. EDIT: Bleh! I feel like a newb now. Hahaha. I just noticed that they were the Update logs. /hidesface
  3. I'm not exactly sure what it is. But everytime I restart my computer I get these .log files in C:Windows. With names like this: KB891122.log KB896344.log KB904942.log KB911280.log etcetc. I delete them, then they come right back. Lots of them. Inside, they say this: "[KB891122.log] 0.031: ================================================================================ 0.031: 2006/06/22 22:33:44.203 (local) 0.031: C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownloadf79a0abf54df8cb1967cbc84b2d1c410updateupdate.exe (version 0.031: Failed To Enable SE_SHUTDOWN_PRIVILEGE 0.031: Hotfix started with following command line: -q -z -er /ParentInfo:261ff2abae38104a88812bef0c69ea78 0.094: ---- Old Information In The Registry ------" And go down from there with stuff like that, then at the end: "18.906: UpdateSpUpdSvcInf: Source [ProcessesToRunAfterReboot] section is empty; nothing to do. 18.906: RebootNecessary = 0,WizardInput = 1 , DontReboot = 1, ForceRestart = 0" Any idea what is causing this? I've deleted atleast 80 of these.
  4. well, i put the 80mm fan on my door into FAN 2, and it lets me control it in BIOS (PWT? or something temp) but the fan in the front I can't control, so I'll get that fan controller maybe. Also; theres no other spots for fans in my case, unless i randomly place one somewhere. I just put the fans like you said: Back 120mm: Exhaust Side 80mm: Intake Front 80mm: Intake And it seems to be pushing air way better, thank you for that.
  5. I have them plugged int "FAN 4" and FAN 5" on my motherboard... and they aren't showing up in BIOS, though.
  6. Ok, I have some questions about Airflow for my PC now. I have two 80mm fans and one 120mm fan. my case is an Antec Solution. The 120mm fan can only go in the back, and one 80mm can go in the side door, and one 80mm in the bottom front. Which way should I make the fans go? Which ones should suck, and which ones should blow? Also, my 80mm fans seem to be pushing null. air, anyway to up their rpms? thanks.
  7. Ok, I just remember I forgot to add my BIOS... but, I have a problem. My monitor is offset, or the screen is just to big for it (Its my mom's 15" LCD, not my normal 17") and I cant get the full BIOS, but I got this much: ?? / 14 / 2005 I can't see the first two numbers at all, any idea how to fix that? Also... abouth the pre-tweak... I really wanna start tweaking this, and just get it stable and leave it at that. so any ideas on whos guide to use, for that ram? thanks, sorry for all the newb questions. EDIT: yfital; could you link me to the OC Guide / First Build guide? I'm half asleep and don't think I have the brain power to search for them and find them. Also, will it work with my ram? i hear the problems between corsair and dfi limit overclocking.
  8. I just got it all finished, up and running. I haven't tweaked the BIOS at all yet, I just loaded optimized settings and got windows installed and all my partitions completed. One thing I'm worried about is sometimes I'll turn the PC on and my CPU fan will spin, then stop... and then start back again. any ideas whats causing this? And, how should I start tweaking my system to get it running good? any guide to set up bios to a "pre-tweaking" situation? what should i turn off, and turn on, etc tc. i'm about to sleep, since its 8:20 AM here and I haven't slept none yet. i'm going to let memtest run the whole time while i sleep to see how it goes.. but i ran it on each stick once, and then both together in dual channel and it worked. Also, what programs should i download for my pc to check stability, etc etc. thanks for any help!
  9. I Voyager

    I should get my computer in today, and..

    Eh, I'll be fine without overclocking it, I think. If I wanted to overclock, should I rma it for OCZ? (Can I find good OCZ RAM from NewEgg for 200-250 dollars?)
  10. I Voyager

    I should get my computer in today, and..

    Now what? Can you give suggestions now, or..?
  11. Well, first heres the build: DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo CORSAIR XMS Twinx2048-3200c2pt 2GB (2x1GB) XFX PV-T71G-UDE7 GeForce 7900 GT Extreme 256MB PCI-E x16 SG Barracuda 7200 ST3300622AS 300GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s NEC 16X DVD±R DVD Burner Black IDE/ATAPI Model ND-3550A Antec NeoHE 500 ATX12V 500W I've heard that motherboard is "Picky". Will my RAM work with it? I read on a post that my PSU will, and is recommended. But I couldn't find anything about my RAM. What about the rest of the PC, will it work with it? Any help / suggestions / tips for when I put it together would be super. Thanks.