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  1. glad the street is back! great work angry and the others!
  2. same situation here, I have everything you see in the sig except the mobo, but I'm not sorry cause when I get it I'll tweak it till it bleeds
  3. I will, on January 10th I hope so :cool:
  4. thnx for responding Happy, I've read your post twice by now and I still don't understand if it is better to take my D9GKXs to DDR1200 4-4-4-12 at asynch.than DDR900 with 3-4-4-9 at synch.(these timings are not gonna happen but let's say they did)? Well, I think it would be the best for me to test it when I get the mobo... (everything else is collecting dust here ) I'll read that thread at AMD section, thnx.
  5. Happy, I 'm interested, why is everybody running they're mem 1:1 on CAS3, I mean is that better for performance than let's say DDR1200 on CAS4-5? I understand that you can't expect to clock these four sticks to DDR1200, but people with two gigs and super quality RAM do that, why? :confused: Happy, you better start predicting future, you could make some money please darkside, how could possibly Happy know an answer to this question?
  6. marauder16

    4pin CPU Fan header

    look at the layout of the mobo, it really does have a 4-pin CPU fan connector, he's not mistaken, yet I don't know what's the 4th pin for...
  7. Hopefully better OCers, that's the only reason...
  8. if you read carefully in my sig it says: 4000+ rev.G - that means the 65nm version at 2.1GHz which is not yet out that is why it says 'December rig' in my sig, some of these parts I already have some I still didn't order so I can't help you (yet)
  9. -well, it's important that they can do it cause it means that they can do much more with 2T, stock doesn't matter, only max speed matters and as I said before 2.4V +5% =2.51V imagine what these chips would do with all that juice
  10. I would definitely take the DFI ed. ones, with 2.4EVP and those chips doing 1T you can't miss, I think DDR1200 2T is almost certain
  11. marauder16

    Is my CPU locked?! WTF?

    there are some CPU's that are locked both downwards and upwards, but they seem to be rare, I think I read sth about this somewhere, but I'm not sure where so don't quote me on this. But basically if you can't change the multi in the bios then it's locked, no help there...
  12. So another one to say: great analogy Happy! Now when that's been done I just wanted to say that I love reading your big posts, or stuff on your website because it's so funny, I can learn sth and do it by laughing at the same time The best quality of a person is when they can express themselves, and be funny at the same time, and also fighting with that kind of people also makes you learn stuff too, keep making posts like these Happy!
  13. marauder16

    Dfi Lp Ut Nf590 Sli-m2 Ddr2 Ram Choice

    With OCZ DDR900 2x1GB, 3oh6 at XS, managed to get DDR1200 on this board but not over it, these are great modules!
  14. still you need to make a sig, puz those details in your signature, trust me you don't want to make Happy angry...