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  1. take time and pull the batt. and then undo your pwr. supply. next thing for sure is to be patient and then cmos carefully . like fine wine this bord is pickie...... i did clear cmos one time and it said no. than again i did another cmos clr. and i was a happy camper again. finicky bords. so i say step by step and in order the way its likking is the way i say. i hope i 'm helpin'
  2. bandwith takes a hit but yoiu wout notice. 150 losen it mabe
  3. u might have clocked the card higher that it feels comfortable. unwinde
  4. I'M HAPPY TO SAY THAT IM COOLER NOW LOL MY NEW CHIPSET COOLER TY HAPPYGAMES IS AWESOME. VERY NICE 44C 31C 28C AND AT 3000MHZ kOOL lQQk out for a 144 cabe opty they rock solid overclocks.
  5. just tryin' to get advice thanks
  6. PLAYING MUSIC THRU THE IDE WAS MY CONCERN.i heard that he cables were not that good on another thread.
  7. the ide cables that came with my m/b? ANYGOOD OR SHOULD I THINK ABOUT OTHERS? :eek:
  8. check what slot your ram is in......try 1 stick first in the orange slot
  9. Got my evercool chipset cooler today from SVC and put it in without a hitch. Droped my temp down from 50c to 44c yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
  10. take a look at my timings with corsair ram, i have no problem @3000mhz stable 24/7
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