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  1. you think that at 16x the PC need more than 460watt, but at 8x the power supplies is ok ? Good, now ask a friend to loan me a big ali and try this
  2. when the system don't boot i have 3 leds on and 1 flashing for 20 second about, after 2 leds torn off and remain only one leds turn on and a long beep. I changed ram, but the same. 3 leds is a ram problem, but at 8x the system boot perfectly, with same ram ?!?!?!?
  3. we have also tryed to reset cmos, we have also tryed some type of bios, but that don't resolve the problem
  4. My friend has a problem with his DFI, NF4 U-D, the moterboard don't Boot. When turn on, the boot stop it with a long beep and 3 led turn on and one flash. If put GPU on the second pciex the mother board boot, the mobo boot also if he put the gpu on first slot and put all video jumper at 2-3 but so the gpu go only at 8x When put a 1-2, 16x for GPU, don' boot. He just changed a mobo, but it has the same problem. I try all my component (cpu, gpu, power supplies, ram) into his mobo, but that don't resolve the problem. Anyone has this problem ? Please help us My SyStem is on my sign from post #4
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