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  1. XP is now fully updated. Including Windows Genuine Spyware. I've got the latest 6.86 drivers. I'll try removing Realtech again, and reinstalling the nvidia audio drivers and set the "unknown" device to nvidia audio drivers. Technically I can't remove the Realtech drivers from the system menu device manager, but I'll use driver cleaner on it. I can use add/remove programs to remove both realtech and nvidia audio drivers from the computer, but the realtech driver does not remove from the system menu. Likewise with my USB controller, I get one USB controller device that comes up bad/outdated, and other USB controller device that comes up just fine. I don't know about that. All I know is that I seem to be getting only USB 1.1, but since I mounted my mobo wrong, I can't access the bottom 3 with the ISO shield on, so that may be why.
  2. Got the Nforce Audio drivers, and the Realtek drivers installed. The Karajan Audio Jack still comes up as an unknown device, and does not detect any sound drivers. I have it set up in bios to "Auto". This is a list of the peripherals I have connected to my computer: Memorex DVD/Rom (which incidentally it also can't find any drivers for) MSI 7300GS Linksys 54mbit wireless card. 2 WD caviar 250gb SATA drives in RAID 0 on the Nf4 controller Incidentally it seems that all of my USB ports are USB 1.1. Driveragent.com scan indicates I have a bad or outdated USB controller, but does not have a file for me to download.
  3. Ah crap! Driver Cleaner will not remove it, and it still appears in system devices as a broken driver but I can't remove it through device manager either. ARRRGGGHHHH. Now I'm trying to install the Nforce Audio drivers, and the hardware wizard comes up every time I try, and then crashes the installation!!! I'm starting to hate this computer allready.
  4. Okay, clean driver install, removed Nforce audio drivers. Updated windows fully. Still doesn't install correctly.
  5. Used Driver cleaner, used 3.89, didn't work. Found 3.90. Currently updating windows for all primary updates. Will try again after that.
  6. I downloaded the drivers for the realtek audio module off of DFI's site, but when I go to actually install the drivers it tells me everything installed fine in the install app, but an infinite series of windows device manager windows pop up and want me to install drivers for "unknown device". I direct it to the realtek folder and a huge list of identical driver files appears (Most named Realtek 97, some for VIA chipsets) I clicked on one, and it said it installed successfully through device manager, but then kept asking me again for drivers for "unknown" device. Needless to say, I have no sound. OS is WinXP pro
  7. Update: I couldn't get nlite to work for some reason. I've posted a "HELP!" over at their forum. I kept getting NTDLR errors. I then tried to use XPISO to create a dos partition, copy the cd to the HD and then load it from the now bootable drive...that didn't work either. The headaches, the headaches.
  8. Will nlite allow me to compile a new install CD using my existing disk with the raid drivers pre-installed? Edit: stupid me...that's exactly what it does. Going to see if I can get nlite to work.
  9. Was actually able to borrow a friends computer and use their disk drive to create an artificial boot drive on my USB stick. The problem is that Windows is being a pain in the butt about recognizing it. I used it successfully to flash the bios. The problem is when I go to install the raid drivers, It recognizes it at the F6 prompt (after I set floppy drive to "none" and made the USB drive the #1 boot priority), and appears to install the drivers just fine, because afterwards windows recognizes the two drives as one stripe. However when I go to install windows just after that it asks me to insert the raid drivers into Disk A:/ and then won't recognize the boot drive again. This is a pain in the butt.
  10. Using my mom's computer for this (she lives next door) and she'll kill me if I download .NET framework. Any other program?
  11. Does anyone know of a program that can make bootable Image files without using a floppy drive? I.e., capable of creating a bootable image straight from a file.
  12. I thought you only had to have the 4 pin connection in if you were using SLI?
  13. Bump...because if Its possible to boot using a USB floppy I can fix this really really quick Bear in mind, I need to know if the Stock version of the bios that ships with the board will recognize a USB floppy, not if the current version does. Edit: I'm going to try to use HP's USB system disk utility and see if I can get that to work.
  14. If any portion of the board is non functional you can RMA it...of course alot of the time you can just buy or asked to be sent a new plug-in nic. I hate going through the RMA process myself.
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