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  1. It's insured and they are still looking for the box... I've never experienced such a bad deliver / contact! TPG doesnt even know WHO handles THEIR parcels!
  2. Well, if I understand correct there are no real improvements made? Too bad... ChkDsk
  3. I sure hope DFI and/or ULi are seeing this and thinking WTF! What I'm wondering, what are they doing? What are they trying to solve? Is it too difficult to run a simple HD benchmark tool? No offence but, this doesnt look very promising....
  4. Well, the board was mine for about 8 weeks... No matter how many times I woke up, the problem was there... No matter what time I woke up...
  5. It's "just" a time-out. I think it was Eva2000 who posted earlier about some data recovery timing thing. That could explain why there is no data-loss, and just a dip in the graph, same for defrag. But the worst part is the whole system hangs during this time-out! I was not expecting much improvement due this update because some people ran this board problemfree, without updates... I still think there has been a bad batch of boards/chips or something. This sucks. But I'm afraid my shoulder isnt big enough to cry on ChkDsk
  6. The D does not stand for the driverletter... Even with 1 partition the eventvwr said blablablaHardDiskD to me... Anyone did a COMPLETE format + reinstall (no backup) with F6 + latest drivers? [And HAD problems before]
  7. I mean if they cant take it back because of DFI or sth they cant help it. Anyway, this board screwed my DFI addiction.
  8. Megabomb DFI with CFX's But do not blame the retailers... They cant help it.
  9. Still I keep questioning myself: Why is it working on an Asus with old ULi BIOS? The problem have to be in the DFI BIOS I think. Anyone tried lowering the controllers latency with powerstrip with the latest beta's? I can't anymore ChkDsk
  10. I think so. You do not have to download the Diamond Flash Image but you need to create a bootable diskette in My Computer, and then copy the files extracted from the zip to the diskette. ChkDsk
  11. Ok guys. I'll keep an eye out on this thread. But for me its over. Got rid of the board. No DFI s939 for me. Planning to buy either Conroe or AM2, memory is sold allready. Only thing I've got left is this awesome 165... To bad this board had to screw my AMD fun. If anyone still want to send it's serial number I'll post it to compare. I hope DFI will (in the end) help you guys out. For me it took way too long. /offtopic Any ETA on 775 LP boards? ChkDsk
  12. Yup... Tried just about all imaginable bios settings. FYI a few serials I received: With issue: Akela: 000129200005517A Without issue: Moops 00012920000558A7 Someone on my MSN list: 0001291000055E13 Not much to say, yet... ChkDsk
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