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  1. After recently overclocking my CPU, I did some testing in SuperPi, and I'm wondering whether the time was good. It did the 1M calculation in 32s.
  2. aha, alright, I'll probably put it up to 9 and put the FSB down a little. I've got it at 1.63v for the CPU, I don't intend on setting it any higher. Everything else is at stock. Sorry, but what's CPU OPN MPMW?
  3. Yeah, I havn't taken the RAM out for a spin in the bios yet, that'll be tomorrow's job. I've got it testing in prime95 as I type, I'm going to leave it over night just to make sure.
  4. I've (finally) got a max clock out of my CPU (see sig) after waiting an age to have all my components together, and I'm quite pleased with the results. It seems to be stable as far as I can see, with decent temperatures of 40C under load. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=102588 I'm guessing this is quite reasonable, from what other people have said, but some sort of validation would be nice NOTE: I havn't done anything to OC my memory, or get it as close to stock as possible, so the settings for that are quite low for the moment.
  5. mine's stable at 330 at the moment, I'm currently doing a stress test on my CPU at 2.8GHz, looks good so far.
  6. My new memory arrived thismorning, fitted it when I got back from college and it works fine in dual channel, it's a Geil value ram 1gig dual channel kit, I don't expect much from it, but it shouldn't hold back my FSB OCing like my old memory was.
  7. Hi, I was wondering weather having your memory in single channel rather than dual channel would make it harder to do overclocking (when overclocking CPU and RAM). Cheers.
  8. Do you mean -30*F? :confused: That's -37C :eek:
  9. In terms of physics, it's impossible for the CPU temp to be below ambient on air. Temperature always travels from high to low, so for the temperature to be lower than ambient, heat would be traveling into the CPU, rather than out of it. I do, however, think it's possible to have the temp at, or just above ambient. When you touch metal in the shade, it's cold to the touch, as hot air has little affect on it's temperature, meaning the heat from the CPU it still likely to disapate off the metal (or get blown away), leaving the CPU temp at ambient.
  10. Well, to be honest, the 20 degree ambient temp is an estimate, it's too late at night to be bother measuring it accurately. I used several different bits of software to verify it and they all checked out at 20-21C, so I'm guessing the room temperature must be about 17C or something. I do have a massive 25cm fan on the side of my case mind you.
  11. I've recently got a new system, and I've got a pretty decent cooling system (or I think so at least) going on (on air), so I thought I'd look at my CPU temp to see what it was like. Turned out it was at 20C idle, even though ambient room temperature was at 20C too, which I was pretty impressed with. What's the lowest CPU temps people here have managed to attain on air?
  12. Hi, I've recently been fitting together a new system, and it's gone pretty well, but I'm having a nightmare with the RAM. It started when I tried to put all three sticks in at once, it wouldn't boot, gave me continuous long beeps and had three of the diagnostic LEDs lit. So then I tried it with just two, in the two slots furthest away from the CPU, and it booted into the BIOS, but when I put a third in, it just gets stuck like before. I thought it might be a compatibility issue with the RAM, seeing as I have quite a wide assortment, so I tried doing it with different pairs, to see if I could find the trouble stick, but all of them worked. I also found that it would only boot when the sticks were in slots next to each other, and not in dual channel mode, which I thought to be a little strange. So, is my problem that I can only have 1, 2 or 4 sticks in, but not 3, or is there something else?
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